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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tying Bows, part two... K'Gari, Diana and the Skull of Doom.


 The famous mayan antiquity and one of eleven others found, the Skull of Doom on the October 10, 2008 whilst on a tour of Australia, requested an impromptu visit to Hervey Bay, one that said was not planned on before arriving to this country.  The Butchulla tribe, as reported in the local newspaper, and retold by the skull's caretaker Bill Homann to a captivated audience, 70 of the Butchulla tribe; the very ones who are also caretakers of the island paradise, had the most unexpected unexpected reactions as stated by theyr elder before they even begun the welcoming ceremony, the energy was felt by the people who gathered around touching with instinct, as did I which was no accident I now believe, nor was Mr Homann's words to me, "Well we will see what happens with that the, won't we!" forever burnt into my soul with even his voice still, one day I must contact him again and tell him, Indeed So. Telling the tribe the skull was said to have had things needed to learn from them, take this as you will but the energy needed to be activated, perhaps for both.
   K'Gari the white princess spirit, daughter the original god who left his footprint, hidden from public in the locale (similarities to the legend of the skull are abundant) Hervey Bay and her island of Fraser has its very own energy of unconditional Love, so of course they must meet and possibly before, whenever the stars call and the skulls tells. With utter and mystified awe, reacting to the ancient relic, purported to be dated at 17,000 years old, a time and year of cosmic alignments meeting exact during solstice, understood in sacred places all over the world.  Interesting to note, a barrage of tests had results recorded the ancient anomaly is a  piezoelectric quartz crystal computer chip.  The skull has been said to be a recording device itself of earth and energy, corresponding with the earth imprint of a historical footprint.  The timing is far apart between the apparent ages of the quartz and the fossil footprint from Cretaceous times, giving thought that they are from two different realms, or the skulls were brought here by the original gods at a time  when man first started becoming modern, an instrument of teaching or evolution.  The skull age does indeed correspond when the gods came and taught early man how to live, although this time is after Dreamtime legends of when the land was first formed.  So indeed, this does make the australian aboriginals indeed earths oldest caretakers, they are a sovereignty and keepers of those who came first and foremost, as the footprint states.  Or, perhaps because the footprint is dated at a time where man was not yet, strange doings may in fact one day be proven to be the acts of manipulations and parallels.   A notion, sprinkled throughout, well.. Time.
   The mayan Crystal of Doom, as contradictory as the name seems, is the fifth crystal skull belonging to a set of twelve, or thirteen as the legend goes.  They all have theyr aura and being, as does anything alive, that energy is of Love... 
A very good reason to come to here, as the mythos of the land was formed by Love and still here because of Love.  (Remember, the story of Diana who also made an impromptu visit, and immortalised forever now for her doomed tale of love with Dodi, the connection is important and perhaps was is a fated tragedy enacted by the energies, or one of the reasons for her death; as I do believe now this was about bloodlines, relics and secret ambitions of a magickal kind.    The kind that turns true and good power into the corrupted, hence the doom of love and not what could of been Unconditional Love they had for each other, truly it could have changed the hands of power today. Something which they did not want, and perhaps stopped.   For it was ten years after when the skull did arrive here to share between each other healing, love and teachings of two lands and peoples... perhaps even to record energies, as that is its purpose really and so has been in the earth here.
  Two beautyfull and loving, white princesses surely did collide.  Tying together in bows both K'Gari with Diana (sharing in geneology along with others, a shared ancestor by the name of Annesley).   Dodi who was her true love, a relationship I dare say enhanced by the loving energy of the white princess, who knew.  Dodi Al Fayed, his family has Herod and Jerusalem ties, an array of knots and pretty bows all tied in a row, forming no beginning or end.  I am no mathematician, but that indeed is a circle, or even infinity. 
   Strange doings and oddities amongst this tangled web I have found in this place I call home, guided by its history and finding answers to my past, the evidence intimidates my skills and breaks my boundaries of understanding and truth.  These quite unexpected twists in paths not always my own, but always a life who has had the true story not told.  How unnatural an energy and imbalance this actually is.  The legends and stories are so very grand and important to all, the people are the ones recorded to immortality in words that are not theyrs, this is what I can see and breaks my historian scribes heart. Magick and energy form the two loops; two circles make the infinity, a symbol birthmark on my left wrist (which changes alot, a personal life choice marker of right direction) uncommon yes I know, oddly one of my sons has a reverse birthmark, a white one.  My bloodlines, thus my very own history, have become the ends that tighten the bow.  The importance and reality of these understandings defy logic and reasonings to me, nor do I yet forsee how or why this all came to be.  So much so, I sometimes wish it did not want to be found by me.  
Then I remember:  I am a storyteller, dreamer and creatrix myself...
Could it be any other way? 
   I have not yet finished with the story of two princesses colliding, much respect and love do I have for both theyr tales and another white princess.  Who could imagine another bow to tie, another woman with a story to tell and a wish before her death that her story would not change.  Sadly for her, it did.  Teai Tephi the jewish princess of the tribe of Dan, the Tuatha Da Dannan (Annesley) who married an Irish king to become the warrior Queen Boudicca.  One of my very favourite kick arse chickas of history, a tale of such great feats over time she become a goddess, much to her dismay and as she prophesied.  Another weave in the web that has become a smorgasboard of myths and legends.  
  Princess Di and Prince Charles during a royal tour in 1994, makes an impromptu (common theme) to Fraser Island (K'Gari) for private stay.  Divorcing soon after in 1996. During 1997 (three years after her visit) Diana begins a relationship with her true love Dodi (Al Fayed ties also with  Herod and Solomons Temple) Dying under dubious circumstances in a  car crash in France the tunnel maybe symbolic, my bloodline Du Pont is also from here) 
When she passed I felt her ghost for days (as did many others) I would reason this would be my tie with Annesley, later Fraser and Princess K'Gari, but now  also maybe my Herod line too. 
   Riddled with secrets, political espionage, plots, a terrible desire for ownership of magickal relics that give immense power and status; giving birth to more modern heroes on the same quest, but for very different reasons and good ones to balance.. are these tales. The worldes fate, like an ancient heroes and immortal epic tale or now days, a hollywood blockbuster.  seems tied with ancient forces, still enacting today.  The love of power is a force as mighty and strong as the power of unconditional love, not defined by dark or light as these are different things, but more akin to twin reflection opposites of the other.  Two energies that need the other, Unconditional Love needs to know the depth and how far power can go, it is a thrust and harsh force that pushes Unconditional Love into action.  It is by the energy of Unconditional Love that transforms the love of power into its more refined, gentle opposite.. Thus, it all comes from and ends in Unconditional Love.  Beautyfull isn't it? Balance is everything for nature, thus making both needed and when used correctly can create a perfect harmony of action into Love, the alchemy of transformation.  The choice is ours, as everything was created by Love, and therefore is Love and Source.

In conclusion regarding the skull,  I leave these regards to ponder:
* The mayan crystal skull of doom, the fifth crystal skull came to Australia and requested an impromptu visit to Hervey Bay, Queensland. The local tribe of creation dreamtimes conducts both a tribal welcoming ceremony and a secret one with the elders.  Did the skull know it had an extra journey beforehand but did not know where, or was this a new thing and shows the skull is alive and aware of similar energies in the vicinity?
*  During the seminar, my hands touch the skull quite by accident to me, but not very much the caretaker.  
* I feel the energy here stays quite until awakened for reasons, two I gather.  The privacy and ways of the local people and land, or the fact so much connects and says so much some in control would not want the world to know. Plus, I think theyr are some who do know the energy, coming here for theyr own reasons, occasionally not nice ones either.  The bad side of the love of power, done by those who do not care of the cost it takes, or the time. 
* Paradise is a sanctuary and sanctuaries are safe harbours which should stay that way.  K'Gari is paradise, it should stay that way.  If the Love for which it was created for is misused or abused, the energy awakens to this.  If the Love is show Love unconditionally, the energy it was created for then this is what paradise can truly be.  (A very important time to note, that the spirit of the white princess and paradise remains with the energy of the material it was created with. Regardless where in the world it now resides, for I do feel if the laws are broken or the energy is harmed, especially the favoured daughter of the original god, much is taken notice of.  Never forget, all can see and feel the others as how all was originally made.  As Above, So Below.. Land to Land, Energy to Energy.  Standing off Eye to Eye. 
* Dreamtime story of both the island and land tells of first one man and then more.  This pivotal historical moment recorded for all time in fossilised earth a long time before man, the cretaceous period.  A natural force recording acts upon earth and a quartz crystal skull that was created to record, by unknown individuals; both are needed, for perfect balance creates harmony.  Does this mean they were created together, at the same time or because of each other? Another thought to ponder now, and so is the similarities of this and mans first walk on the moon, and our now exploration of Mars.  The conspiracy and rumours abound in realms beyond my conceivabilities and sensibilities here! 
 * The legend of the missing thirteenth skull which has not been found, is still rife today and I am sure with avid seekers hoping for its possession at worst, and caretaking at best.  See, its fate is also tied with our hands it appears.
The skulls have been all of a crystal nature, all the same except one; the skull of doom which came here.  The legend of K'Gari is that the island was once a the spirit a young woman (heads have skulls) who was one of the original ones.  From her desire she created, loved and therefore stayed becoming a crystalline island.  This makes the island crystal-like in energy made from a spirit who once had a skull also in her white princess form.  Put this together with an unfound thirteenth crystal skull it all starts coming together, adding the fact the island is said to be a mirror to the gods home a jigsaw puzzle starts coming together, forming an astonishing picture in my mind.  Leaving more to come, part three coming soon.

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