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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Helping to Feed the Hungry...

A pocket full of Change and
a Meal for the Community.

Hurricane Sandy has just torn the South East Coast of Haiti apart with flooding and five days of torrential rain, there is no electricity and the all the palms, banana and coconut have been destroyed. There are times that these provide all the food that the Haitians have to live on and now years of growth have been ruined and they have nothing. Auban is a seaside settlement and 50 people have perished, with a population of 1000 odd people, this will affect every home and family. There is no clean water anywhere along the coast and hunger and starvation are not far behind. It is the children and the old people who languish during these times and many will be lost.

A Meal for the Community is a fund raiser to provide the residents of Auban with a good meal. $350.00 US will purchase a very big pig, a sack of rice and lots and lots of vegetables. This is a really cool thing to do and it uplifts the spirits of the people. It blows them away that people from far far away and who don’t know them offer them food in this way. Auban is a tiny little community on the South East Coast of Haiti that has just in these last few days been lashed again by severe cyclones. Auban is home to about 1000 souls. The 161 homes of Auban are nestled in the jungle off the main highway it is a tiny place you can drive through it without even knowing it is there.

After the earthquake on January 12th 2010 virtually every home in Auban has been damaged. After almost 3 years still there has been no aid or assistance to these families, they live in houses that should be pulled down but they cannot afford to rebuild their homes. There are about 90 orphans (this was in 2010, now there is most likely more) and under privileged children living in Auban, they need food and education if they are to progress from the corruption that holds sway in Haiti.

There is a saying that Haiti can be changed a child at a time and it is my aim to assist as many as possible. Haitian children are bright eyed and filled with hope for the future. Don’t be fooled by the fact that these children are almost always clean and smiling, not quite what we imagine with poverty, but these kids go days without food.

I have come to understand that it is a grass-roots movement that will aid the kids of Auban. Their plight is lost in the drain of aid distribution, another tiny community overlooked. We can help these children have such a better chance at life; the girls especially truly desire education and change. They don’t want to be trapped as their mothers and grandmothers have been having baby after baby supporting their families by whatever means they can. This doesn’t have to happen and we can educate these children.

It doesn’t cost very much, depending upon the school and the area it is in, the cost is between $230-250 US per year. For this money the child receives two school uniforms, 4 sets of underwear and 4 pairs of socks and a pair of leather shoes and a school bag.

It purchases their school books, pays their fees for the year and most importantly ensures that the child has one cooked meal every day. For some kids this is the only food they get and their school uniforms are the best clothes they have to wear.

The children start school at age 3 and if they are fortunate continue on until they are 18, they are well educated most knowing 4 languages by the time they leave.

We can help educate the children of Auban, will you help?

We can each donate money to get more children to school but also there could well be people in your circles and communities that could also help. There are so many ways to raise funds and these kids are such a worthy cause. Please help them.

There are so many waiting and wanting to be educated, it would cost less than a cup of coffee a day to send a child in Auban to school. Indeed the money equivalent to a cup of coffee a day or a year would educate and feed 5 children. It’s just so very little and it makes an enormous difference in their lives.

By sharing just a little of the abundance we are blessed with we can contribute, making something of these young lives, whilst Spirit greatly enriches our own.
It is a great blessing for both those who receive and those who give this.

There are thousands of wonderful children who have very little hope for the future. Many find themselves on the streets of Haiti’s major cities.

Their plight is very real and we can do something.
Manbo Paula Wedo. http://vodou.co.nz/

My first bag of rice, or the day my kids pooled theyr pocket monies!
donated 13th November 2012. 
         This is Andreli & Babou, these people are very poor, they have recieved virtually no education & pretty much exist on whatever the land provides. This hurricane has taken out the banana & coconut palms, which at times are all the Haitians have to eat. There are about 12 kids on this compound which are unable to attend school due to lack of money, Manbo Andreli has a thyroid condition.
After the earthquake this family received assistance in the form of 3 tents. Hurricane Sandy has once again destroyed what they called home. Belinda this is the compound that we will be giving your donation of a sack of rice to.
~To Be Continued.~