Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Isle of Fraser, Ancient Memories and Mermaid Dreamings.

Remembering the Mother Land on Fraser Island )O(....
         Theyr is an offshore lesson to Return to the Watery Deep/Keepe.  To Envision one's mermaid legs or tail (yes, some did have legs and naught a tail.) is not enough, the molecules need to Change.  This is how you Shift.  Lemurians were Shifters, they still are.  Mermaids, Magickal Creatures and Beings alike and akin to faery folks, of both the Lands and the Sea.  Atlantis was meant to be theyr Safe Harbour.  We/they are still paying theyr dues.
            Pristine white sands, glorious tranquil seas, were a drawcard for vengeances and many jealousies between the Gods and the Peoples.  Atlantis was originally in awe of the Lemurians, but once captured and kept, the Mu Spirit of Indefeat did in fact become, theyr Defeat.  Wroth with rage and the times, Atlantis harnessed theyr Powers and turned it into Technology.  See, once Atlantis was not that Way... it was as Great with Glory as Mu, the Lemurian's of the Mother Land; the Original Ones.  But the Atlanteans could only Evolve in and to a certain capacity.  Thus began the Experiments on the Shifter Kind, the Magickal One's, those whose Heart's Beated with the Starrs and in time with the Earth.  The Lemurian's were once Whole.
            Horrific engineerings and splicings, Powers begot unnaturally and with over-zealous force.  The Legend is the Atlantis Fell in it's own Greed and Wraiths, the Reality is that this is so very True; but it was the gentle, graceful Lemurians who caused the Destruction to End the further Destruction.  Lemuria eradicated Atlantis using theyr own Powers Harnessed.  They went against the heirachie's and the governments (Strangers in a Strange Land.)  Atlantis was indeed felled by Lemuria.
            Theyr is an important message from these ancient times to learn from of this Past and its Karmic repercussions for millenia on; Never accept another power hungry country and it's governments Aid and   Help without fully understanding the consequences of these actions, because they also in fact become Yours.  The pain and resentment still resides and abides within humans to this day, of these very events, its tainted   memories Weaved with theyr Blood and Sinew and scattered remnants of Dreams.  Sadness dwells within theyr Hearts.  Minds and Mouths overflow with the Knowledge of the Past, and its Hystory...now Rise and ReCall.  So whence Repeated, it is not allowed for abominations upon Nature.  This time now, its leaders are fully aware and remember the consequences, but they still gather in the hope of Amnesia and Repression of the Lemurians and Atlanteans reincarnated today , that these memories and recollections are not remembered...but they are! 
            Your danger isn't in the race and quickening of Awakening and Remembrance, to accomplish in some certain Time, for theyr is No Time.  It is for Fear of the Past, where those Fear to Tred.  That which you done unto others, or that which was done unto You.  If chosen Not to Remember, this shall happen again, but this time Undefeated.  So Awaken!  Lemurians and Atlanteans!  Mermaids, Fae Folk, Shifters, Magickal Ones and Beasts!... Remember so that the Past is Not Repeated...  Remember Who and What You Are...
The First Ones,
The Olde Ones,
The Golden Ones!

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