Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Peter the very small but extremely clever Pirate, an epic tale of a peg legged adventure.

Peter so badly wanted to be a pirate, the very best and bravest on the seven seas there ever was or could be.  Unfortunately he was born so very small, perhaps he thought surely indeed the smallest of them all.  Bestowed with very sleight height, and although a reason not because of this at all, Peter had two left legs which also made him so very clumsy. To be quiet honest, mostly always clumsy. 
Until the day he has become a pirate of the seven seas, it twas a lowly deck hand job for he. As hard as  Peter tried and tried not to cause a scene, a day ne'er would pass without the captain, Mad Jack cursing and cussing at the nervous Peter.  He may be very small but as you will see, very clever and soon to be greatest pirate of the seven seas that has ever been.
Tying a rope in the wrong place would be a common mistake for any beginner on his very first day; but nothing with Peter was simple, especially accidents.. capturing everyone's attention, quite often very loudly for someone so sleight.  This time, the curses echoed across the ocean as the hysterical  crew cheered and laughed at the angry and sputtering captain. How was Peter supposed to know he was going to trip over the rope's knot and fall into another pirate? Thump! went his rather large bottom and landed right on top of a very surprised and angry captain. Mad Jack let out an almighty explosion of air from his astonished mouth, a funny sound that caused the pirates to laugh even harder.  You could very nearly see steam from the captains ears which were redder than his bulbous nose.  A nose as red as the feathers of a now dishevelled Polly the parrot, who squawked indigently, feathers falling everywhere and no longer on his perch on top of the captain's shoulder. How quickly the captain moved when he saw his beloved birds eye patch had now slipped off to reveal, one good eye.  That must not do, he thought and fixed the birds eye patch before one of his crew knew his parrot, was just a rude and bossy bird.  More than mad at the new lad he was now stuck with and hoisting himself back onto his feet, fuming Mad Jack retreated to his captains room.  Nobody to hear or see, sword nor feather 'til the next morning, when a slightly subdued captain and parrot with an eye patch fixed firmly in place appeared on the galley as usual.
Forever learning not to trip over his own feet, was Peter's biggest challenge to master through life. Just so you know, there was a very good reason he was also quite small for his age, for Peter had an unfortunate malady since birth which would later become his greatest asset and pride. 'A lucky one is my boy'  his mother always said.  Peter was born early and with only one leg, not two like the rest. Only one leg you say, nobody not even Mad Jack could ever tell that.
As clever as he was compact in size, plus having only one leg, Peter was of course a town favourite of all.  So much so,  his much needed left leg was made by none other than an old pirate himself, the famous Seamus the Sea Dog.  Quite unlucky for Peter, the old sea dog was rather blind now as well as deaf.  What he needed was a leg for left and right... instead, when it was finished Peter did indeed have two left legs!
Old pirates have many adventures and tales to be told when somebody is willing to listen.  A treasure and fortune buried and a pirate now too old to seek, was revealed to Peter.  The sea dog left a surprise for Peter secretly without his knowing, a map hidden inside his hollow wooden leg.  Never did anyone through his younger years see this,  the map so secretly hidden even Peter had no clue that a tiny island with an X was scratched near the knee. Surely if a fortune  hunter or pirate who's greed did lead before their hearts, were to know and learn of this priceless piece of information, would have poor Peter not only likely to  lose his leg but also his life. Stolen, for X does mark the spot of another pirates buried treasures and gold. Seamus was a sly old Sea Dog, encouraging Peter to become a pirate whilst he hid his secret upon the boy. How badly he wished to be like his hero, Seamus. Much to the worry of his pained mother, Peter of course did.
Seamus the Sea Dog employed Captain Mad Jack for the task of pirating Peter.  A reputation of meanness such as Mad Jack's sent shivers down the boys spine but he trusted his friend.  Peter was much smarter than Mad Jack he knew and when the time was right, Seamus trusted Peter would know what to do. That was his plan, he shall have his treasure back and as he is old and shall die soon, he longs once again to have riches. Little did Peter know, there was no intention of gold for him by the sly old sea dog.  
Twas not just the once the captain bellowed to Peter who did try very hard.
'The only good place for you on a pirate ship is off the end of the plank.   Who ever heard of a clumsy, nuisance of a pirate? ' stalking off to find another something to cuss Peter with, after all that's what bullies do.
'Scurvy boy' was exactly what Captain Mad Jack would holler loudly, his voice as fat as his rum-filled belly, his name for Peter who was rushing back and forth feeding the hungry crew.  He knew the other pirates didn't mind him most of the time, he was an eager boy so some took to teaching him pirate ways.  They were after all stuck  together on one pirate ship sailing the seven seas. Unless of course, they did use him for shark bait which nobody had the heart to do.  
 'I may be small but I know I am also very clever, the captain does not know of Seamus's buried treasure, nor will he ever'. thought Peter, trying to encourage himself. Pirates gold and none for captain Mad Jack, the meanest pirate who ever lived. 
'Whoever heard of a pirate that was so clumsy and stupid.  Only good for cooking our slops and scrubbing the decks! My parrot is a better pirate than you will ever be. Look he even wears a patch, he lost his eye in a sword duel against a crocodile!' But we know this not to be true.  Captain Mad Jack's parrot Polly squawked in agreement 'not a pirate, not a pirate! .'
Poor Peter, disheartened now and trying not to look sad as he put on his meanest face and  best pirate walk back to the ships kitchen.
'For the love of buried treasure, I wish I was the bravest and best pirate ever! Pirates don't rhyme, can't even get that right.' That parrot is more of a pirate than me, though I highly doubt his patch was indeed from a crocodile sword duel. That must be made up, or I will eat barnacles for breakfast!' Peter chuckled at the idea of feeding barnacles to Mad Jack instead, scraped straight from the rotten bottom of a sea monster by Peter the very brave and best pirate to sail the seven seas.  One day perhaps even meaner the captain Mad Jack himself.   Never, smiled Peter knowing he never would be, or could be as mean as that.  Nobody could and he went back to washing his dishes, dreaming of the day he would be a true pirate and captain of his own ship The Bonnie of the Salty Sea.  He liked that name very much, Peter always did want to be a pirate he just didn't quite now how.   
Unfortunately as you may see, not so fortunately though for Peter as it could be, theyr indeed came the long-awaited day.  An accident of epic proportions, and completely unexpected the result of, that night Peter did get his wish and became a true pirate.  Captain Peter the Peg Leg. The bravest and the best one Captain Mad Jack ever would see.
Or, so Peter would like you to believe.  Just ask Mad Jack and his one eyed parrot, he beat a crocodile in a duel you know! 
It happened on a day the captain and all the rest of the pirates left for shore, all besides Peter and only one other pirate to keep watch and guard.  In case of enemy pirates was the captains reason stated, for the safety of the boat from Peter was the actuality. Feeling happy he was almost all alone, Peter (who really should have not have used so much soapy water, nor decided his mop looked like a very good dancing partner; Swashbuckler style) had an accident and he did not feel at all very smart or in any way clever. In fact, he was quite worried.  It was a terribly messy accident.  Who knew how much mess a small and clumsy, dancing one-legged disaster of a pirate called Peter could indeed make? 
Oh no! This had never happened before... Now he has only one leg.  Peter accidentally knocked off his secret wooden other left leg. Panicking, nor could he find it, it had to have rolled away!
Upset and hopping to stay upright, he heard a cough behind him and a tap on his shoulder. ' Ahem, Peter, you lost your leg.' said the other pirate who had heard the ruckus, coming over to investigate and assess the damage. This boy must be cursed by the seawitches themselves, unbelievable! 
Peter still trying to balance (quite awkwardly and terribly mind you) on one leg whilst obviously looking for the other.  The pirate who was now behind Peter tapping his shoulder with the said missing leg, had to wonder what in great poseidon's beard should he do. Because this a pirates tale after all and they were known mostly for looting and not so much smarts, and seeing no blood gushing from this half of a persons leg. A usual reaction that this leg did not do. An arm or a leg when broken off its owner, when he waved it should do at least something and felt rather heavy instead. The older and now also very confused pirate, for the life of him could not work out why or how he was now holding Peters leg.
 Pirates do not talk in lefts and rights..  'Your port leg, is this what you are hopping for..Peter What Did You Do?' looking about at the upside down bucket, bubbles escaping from and now sloshing about trying to find a hole to sink into upon the rickety ship.  Overboard mostly they went, causing a huge froth of dirty coloured bubbles growing larger over the bowside.. 
How truly mad Mad Jack would be if he saw this!... Tied to a cannonball and walking the plank for sure, Peter was so very worried. The older pirate seeing his face and the mess, did indeed feel sorry for the poor boy. Twas not his fault he is so soft. And we all know that Capt'n was paid in gold to keep the boy alive and made into a pirate.  It was also spoken, but never around the captain that Mad Jack owed a debt to that old pirate who brought Peter in,  making him not the meanest or greatest pirate after all. Or his parrot. But, crews do not speak much of these things, only when enough rum has been sunk and shanty has been sung. Plus we must not forget the sudden plight of Peter's unusual leg...
'Please do not tell the captain!' wailed Peter, more than upset his secret was found out and in such an embarrassing way.  Fancy that, his own fault pretending his mop or even he, could dance.  Swashbuckler style it definitely was not, more like a great big swashbuckle disaster of epic proportions.
The pirate handed over what he realised now was a cleverly crafted hollow wooden leg.  How smart he thought, Peter always wore long pants! He may be small but it seems he is also very clever. 
Filling in a now quietly thoughtful new best friend, of his one-legged tale and quest to find the sea dogs treasure, had certainly attracted the pirates attention.  An idea formed from the glimmer of gold he now could see.  Merrily chatting away,  weaving vivid memories retelling his story of the legendary X, Peter reattached his port leg. Now he knew true pirates have port and starboard sides, of course! 
By the time the crew and captain came aboard not a remnant of soap bubble, nor mess between the two was to be seen. Except,  if you did look down a rather sad pile of brown blobbed about amongst the barnacles, following trail with an upside down bucket and broken mop. Which a couple of pirates did notice, along with a slightly bent looking crows nest if one looked higher also.  Naught but a slight chuckle passed their lips and a quick sparkle of the eye as they looked directly at Peter wondering if a mad captain would also happen across this curious scene. It was not too late when they Peter and the pirate eventually did spot the not quite right mast, a not-so discreet head nod from a clued-on crew mate. Far too close for comfort, muttered the pirate wiping sweat from his scarred forehead. A quick and effective slight adjustment when Mad Jack was not looking soon fixed that, never to be noticed which was lucky for them all. Including the rest of the crew, those who saw anyway. All knew how mad and mean Mad Jack became when his ship, parrot or self had been wronged in his eyes.  He would never have gotten to be a captain of a pirate crew otherwise!
That night the pirate, who's name was Tobuscus (the very same pirate who that day became Peter's new very best friend) asked Peter for the first time since he came aboard to come sit with and join them at his table. The captain was far too important he said, he eats alone in his cabin with Polly of course. The rest laughed at the joke. How much Peter had wished to be one of them, and now because of a shared secret between him and the crew, he now was.  Deep down, he felt just a bit silly for not saying he had a wooden leg in the first place... He was a proud boy all in all. But being ever so clever, Peter knew that it was a good thing the captain did not know this, discovering at the pirates table a very good reason why.  
Since the unfortunate incident there had begun hopeful whispers of perhaps a new captain to man the crew.. mutiny had  became the topic of conversation on the ship for the very first time ever and it was all because of Peter having only one leg. Only one leg, how quite lucky his mother would say!