Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When Sekhmet comes to town.


It started some months before,
I found Ra knocking at my door
Now, three weeks have passed
My left eye woke swollen and so very sore
One week later, lumps found in my breasts
Twas no harm, a breast mouse was found
But, a mouse in a breast found in me 
Remnants of the olde days and ancient hystory
Grand magick of times before
These two signs
Eye of Ra and Sekhmet's plague
A decision made, who knew?  Another sign!
I chose no more alcohol for me
Who could of known, who indeed knew
Sekhmet's turn was again due
Here She Is
Awakes me at three
Sekhmet calls, you must listen to me
To understand the worlde
One must become the worlde
In order to tame
One has to be untamed
Roar like a lion
Your strength, in her paw
Quiet as a lioness kitten
Senses are keened
Shhhh, be still and listen
Quietly take the steps
No noise shall you make
Tis the enemy who stands before
You have the worlde at your feet
So much innocence, so very sweet
Taste my wrath, those who harm
The innocent and the meek
Under my feet I shall protect you
Darkness and Chaos falls
When the Sun rises again.  Ra.

Im a lil tired and feel super weird kinda need some time, has too much energy and needs to settle it. Got a new goddess, Sekhmet she is feirce. Learnt about her awhile back, its the Ra connection I have.  It seems pharaoh blood, the Herod part can harbour the gods when they need to see whats going on. I sadly do believe that we may have that problem soon, not as bad as i thought cos its being helped somehow but the gods are about to see and help. Like my dreams,  on the duality of world .  Flipside effect, and the worlds meshing. Its all weird. Its not saving either worlds, its making them a happy medium. So not one is saved other destroyed, but both exactly the same.  As above so below so it balances again.  Chaos and stability reigns together.  I dunno, im all magickal right now.
I gave up drinking two weeks ago, she needs the beer of the gods to settle her temper and destructiveness (lol) now she awakens again.  Should i drink or something.. Lol. I have a mouse in my breast its a fibrous thing.  Mice were placed in the breast of a not alive object to bring it to life in the representation it was created for.  She is ra's right hand girl and he is shown by a left eye.  Two crocs in the Mary River now, that is Solbek the underworld guard. The duat, two crocs two worlds.  mary river is lil aegypts nile river, gympie pyramids, three pyramids dive, Isis shire, town of Baal.. Need I go on to emphasis my point? 

Ancient Egyptian Legends: IX: The Beer of Heliopolis

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Universal Word of Advice...

A universal word of advice...

In times of crisis, in times of need
Feel free to call upon Mee
When times are rough, and you feel a lacking 
Remember, even the sturdiest oak needs love to grow
Tend to the garden that is your life
Keep it nourished, and watch the good things flow
Life is your chance to show what you can do
Do not forget we are all in it together, trying something new
Theyr is more to here, than it seems
Reality is but a constant, changing dream
A circle it flows, sometimes with nicks and edges
Where love and healing seams it back together
Theyr is no smooth ride 'til that circle is polished
With strength and foresight, this can be accomplished
'Til then enjoy the ride,  don't forget to laugh, whilst it all transpires.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Ambrosia, Beloved part two.

      For the Love of Valour, virtutis amore...

  It takes but the hands of time to master ones fate, the hours the minutes and even the seconds.. Forever ticking away, wearing at memories til they become but a faded remnant of a tattered dream... But somehow over the course of forgotten eternal Love, theyr comes a feeling like a butterfly growing within.  Like a cocoon that kept Love safe opens, and from it Love is borne once again. .. Such grand thoughts awoke in Anna, now she truly understood butterflies in the tummy. But why and what for, her ever curious head would ask her heart.. Theyr is no reason, except one her heart quietly replied. Love, Love.. Thats all that counts. That is all theyr is.  And that is what she soon found out. 
  She has a fate that she had to yet conceive, one that was much larger than her.. She was but only a tiny girl.  The promise of a god is ne'er one to understand, but promises they do keep.. Oft times throughout history a detriment to all.  Fate, the ever present factor, for gods and humans alike. See, theyr hand is held still or lured to where it also needed.  That is evolution. That is Ambrosia and Ares tale.  A god fell for a mortal and both succumbed to the Power of Love... Choosing to create theyr own Fate.
  How does one stand the madness of awakening to theyr true selfe, opening up to remembrance of a love greater than Time.  I wonder if we all feel like this, Anna pondered.  Not Anna, Ambrosia I should say... Nevermore shall that name be for her, nothing but the lovely Ambrosia shall do.  For that is now who she forever will be known as upon the earth that she walks upon, and in Olympus the home of the grecian gods.. Where her future lays, if Ares has his way.  
     Thinking such grand thoughts it came as as a sudden surprise, her body became electric, her hair frazzling, rising in the air, moving with sudden static.. She froze and she wondered, the anxiety of the strange experience unnerved her, like a child she curled into a ball.. A feeling of protectiveness for her sanity overwhelmed her and a foreign rationality tried to set in, that familiar distant figure in the  depths held her tight before she exploded it felt  ... What is happening to me? Her mind screamed at this figure  in fright, wishing the high frequency whirring that surrounded her would stop.. Stop Now! 
And stop then it did.

    Ambrosia, beloved.. How over time you have ripened like an eternal blossoming rose,  even more beautiful is your scent than ever before. I would give my heart for you to say yes.  Ares longed to tell the mortal goddess he had before him, he had her now.. He kept his promise, he waited and she was more than ready.  See, Ambrosia plays a very important role to the gods, thanks to Ares.  A pact was made as the gods tend to do, and as gods tend to do the girl, yes it always involves the mortal kind... herselfe and her fate held in higher hands.  A new thing never before thought or done, a warrior god standing down for Love.  Impossible, Inconceivable once upon a time.  
But it is Written, the Law of Love can change... War and Battle, Blood and Guts.. Enough glory he has seen, great battles he has won, enough time he has seen.  Ares, not even the beautyfull Aphrodite could tame him so.  Aphrodite, the goddess of Love seen this and even though her wild jealousies have destroyed many a good and bad woman.. she knew she had no part in this, or between this. In fact, it was she who understand first that all had changed, even for them.  The gods can also evolve, and learn to be different things.  Imagine the god of war becoming a god who loves.. 
   Once upon a time an eternity ago, an idea came into being and once an idea is thought it becomes form.. A tiny songline between the universe and stars, to the greatest source and forever beyond... Singing its way into being, a sonnet for two.. Two who become one, one heart and one love.  And when they find each other, the song did sing that they must not be together.  For one is mortal and the other a god.  Similar songs will be sung between gods and mortals, and tales created.  But this songline has a different string, another tone.. The weaver had a thought, and we all know what thoughts do.. The weaver thought Love is Transformation.  We need more Transformation, therefore I must make Love! So the weaver created and created, and loved and loved.. Thus the songlines of Ambrosia and Ares found each other and they could not help but Love.  Because after all, this is theyr story. 
 Aphrodite, being the goddess of love knew this tale, it was her forte to know these things.. Zeus did need much convincing and persuasion by Aphrodite, her feminine wiles are no master to his stubborn ways.  Tact was needed, well placed curves and bosom heaving never always did the trick with Zeus.. A tad cautious occasionally that  his children may wish to seize the throne as he did his own father, a conversation thus would of piqued his interest.. Not such a conversationalist, twas a feat to hold his attention and many times it was tried to no avail. Aphrodite is a favourite of his and Hera also loved her so, gaining a seat on the mighty Zeus 's lap was a mystery to the other gods and goddesses.  But we do not dwell on these matters, for that is another tale told and song sung.  She asked Apollo for the muses to play the song... Ares watched from behind, the great warrior god as big as he is, his heart was breaking.. The song was sung, It sung Ambrosia, Beloved.. sweet symphony filled Olympus and even the earth stopped in its tracks.  The wound was deep and the song still played harmony. A chord struck, and then it stopped.
 What is this, why does it stop?was asked aloud.  The muses, they lilted and sung.. Love is Transformation.We can no more, the ending.. Its a secret, we cannot know. For only in Love will this end be sung.. You must not Know!
  This did not help Ares' cause at all, but Hera came on side... Although not quite as how anyone expected, it was not hoped for and it was very much happily accepted by both Ares and Aphrodite. Ever graceful and poised in these situations where her wifely duties must take charge,  Hera called Ares over and stated her case.
  If indeed as it seems, strange doings are happening then much greater things are at hand.  Ares has fallen for a mortal, how are we to know the weavers secret song is about you? Why is this woman so special to you that you would wait lifetimes for her?  The gods have known many loves, yet you have until now just one.. Aphrodite who stands with you, even though she is betrothed to a different one, Haephastious? How can this be, that one human girl can capture your heart so Ares, it is now clear how a dark warrior can succumb to the heart and think true love.    Grand design must be working father Zeus, I wonder if it is meant to be.. But let us stay wise of other things and wait and see, as the song states mortal time may appease the fire in Ares heart.  Only then shall we know.  
  This is surely something new for both him and us, she laughed.  Let us set a challenge for when the time does come! Hera called, as with Hera she does love challenges and to create excitement much to Zeus's dismay.  Many a human damsel wooed or overcome by Zeus (many a times) faced the wrath of Hera.. When Hera concluded with a challenge, a smile came over  Zeus ' face, a slight worry overcame Aphrodite and Ares.. and all the way down in the earthly realm, a shiver ran down Ambrosia's spine.  Causing her much alarm,  little hairs stood up on her arms and an internal  feeling of her stomach sinking. 
  That is how the goddesses persuaded a reluctant Zeus and everything begun to change.  It is also how Ares came to master a new battlefield, his heart.

Time goes by forever and a day, here we are back again right now.
  Ambrosia rises from the floor, the electrical mayhems have stopped but surely what she sees before her.. I have died, she thought.. Oh, I have truly died.
 Ambrosia, Ambrosia... He calls. She hears him. That voice, the blackberries and vanilla. Oh if I have died, then this is surely heaven.
She repeats the phrase out loud and he laughs...
Not heaven Ambrosia, you are in the wrong neck of the woods.. Even Ares can make a joke when in love.  Hell she thought, I must be in hell.. he is so beautyfull he must be the devil.. oh I have been a bad, bad girl. 
The beautyfull one held her face, cupped his hands and her head fell into place, like Home.  The feeling was so familiar to her somewhere deep inside.  
Olympus my dear, is where you are.. you shall become my warrior queen.  I have waited for what seems like eternity for me, and two lifetimes for you.. Ares was on a roll, never before had thought he was humorous, and he enjoyed the new feeling.  Ambrosia, still in a state of shock did not notice the first time that Ares had made a funny, ever. In fact two.  She just layed theyr resting her head in his huge palms, waiting to wake back up again.  But she didn't, she was still in Olympus with the beautyfull looking and smelling wonder before her.  Olympus she did not see.  
However long they stood theyr, they would not know.. What is time but for a blink of an eye, when with the one you love truly so? They had waited long enough.  For one moment everything stood still, theyr was nothing but them.. They were everything and they were All. Nothing mattered, nothing at all... But everything did, now more than ever.. Did everything matter.. For they found Love and Love is Transformation.  That moment it seemed every realm, every creature, every being, every atom and every particle came together as one.. And everything was them. Bliss forevermore.