Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Beginning meets the End; tying pretty bows all in a row...

                                                   The Legend Of Princess K'Gari.
    It was Beiral, the great god who lived in the sky, who made all the people. But the people had no land. So Yendingie, (one spirit he is told by the Butchulla, for other tribes he is two) of Beiral's most trusted messenger came down from the sky and first he made the sea and then he made the land. When he reached what is now called Hervey Bay, he had a helper with him - the beautiful white spirit, called Princess K'Gari  to beautify the world and change the raw material into an island paradise.  She helped Yendingie to make everything. They made the sea shores and the mountain ranges, and all the lakes and rivers. 
  The Princess K'Gari enjoyed what she was doing so much that she worked very hard. Yendingie told her that she should have rest otherwise she would be too tired. He suggested that she go over to some rocks and have a sleep, and she did.   So Yindingie and K’gari set off to create paradise. They did such a good job and were so tired after they were finished, that K’gari lay down to sleep in an especially beautiful bay. Whilst she was asleep, Yindingie transformed her body into a long, slim island of crystalline sand. It was the largest island of its type in the whole world.
   When Princess K'Gari awoke, she said to Yendingie, "I think this is the most beautiful place we have ever made. Please Yendingie, I would like to stay here forever".  Yendingie said, "Oh no, I could not allow you to do that. You are a spirit and your place is with me". But K'Gari pleaded with him and he finally relented. But Yendingie said that he had to change her as she could not remain there in her spirit form.
    So he changed her into a beautiful island, and then so that she wouldn't be lonely, he made some trees and some flowers and lakes that were specially mirrored so that she could look into the sky and see what Yendingie was doing.
To make paradise even more magnificent, Yindingie made clothes of rainforest and painted her into a rainbow of colours. He gave her jewelled eyes in the form of sparkling lakes which became her eyes into heaven.  He made beautiful creeks and laughing waters that were to become her voice. And as well as animals, he decorated the sky with magnificent birds.  He made some people to keep her company. Now he told these people, who they were and what they had to do. He also taught them the magic of procreation so that their children and their children's children would always be there to keep Princess K'Gari company. And she is still there today, looking up at the sky as beautiful as ever and very happy indeed.
Then he created the Butchulla People at Mooen (Moon Point). Yindingie taught all these living creatures and people the Magic of Procreation, so that K'gari would never be lonely. Yindingie took the people right over the whole island, teaching them where they had to live and what they had to do. When they got back to Mooen, he stepped across the sea to a place known today as Dayman Point and then took another step onto the top of the lovely mountain in the distance. He turned around to face the people at Mooen Point and named them Butchulla People. He put his left arm pointing to Burrum Heads in the north. Then he put out his right arm pointing to Teewah Beach in the south. He nodded his head at the land lying between his arms and said "Now this is your land, but you must look after it. I will give you three laws which you must keep, and which you must pass on to your children and to their children and so on forever".
And the three laws are:
1. What is good for the land comes first
2. Do not touch or take what does not belong to you
3. If you have plenty you must share.
  The name K'Gari in translation means 'Paradise' the very first name given to Fraser Island by the original dreamtime spirits.  Indeed, across the island right where I live, protected from public nuisances and the ever-present threat of suburbia growth lies an ancient relic that defies what we have been taught to believe.   The very first footstep set upon our worlde, the legend passed on by the local aboriginal Butchulla tribe each new generation.  Considering the local landscape is dabbled with cretaceous fossils and rife ancient sediments, alludes to a time frame that surely boggles the mind.  One small step for made by unknown man, from time even older than recorded history itself.  How could this be so, I do wonder... Nothing but a man could it be, the unanswered questions remain:  Why, who and how... What was he?
 Curiosity piqued my interest, fuelled by the alive and underlying feelings of ancient dreamtime magicks of the land that permeates the surrounds.  Too many things I have seen and heard.  Ever since I made this patch my own home, an understanding of the how's and why's of how a true island paradise called K'Gari has become a part of me; something a pagan does, nor can ignore.  A rich tapestry of hidden history, meeting and connecting with my ancestry.  Making sense of and tying together all three sides of my bloodlines, for every answer found, another curiosity appears... the drive of my necessity to understand.  Perhaps, as the Indiana Jones movie ends with and which the crystal Skull of Doom was based upon shows answers my thoughts of why we do not know everything all at once.  It is far too much, our bodies and minds are not built for what the whole energy all at once, for this is the Absolute Everything.  Thus, we are given bursts at certain pivotal alignments of the stars or according to each individuals soul journey fulfilment's, ensuring that we receive only what we can handle and maintain the Law of Nature that is Balance of every single duality that has been, or ever will be thought... Absolute knowledge of intelligence before the soul is ready equals Nevermore. This mathematical equation, my simple allegory to describe the fixed path one must stay upon if one chooses.  For that is Source, when we choose our own decisions this free will also creates a new dream for the Source.  As we all are created to do, we make chooses to detour off this set path, but always return back again.  Tis the spirals endless rings that form the circle, that when twisted transforms into infinity, until all becomes one and none.
    Mystery, conspiracy and true history... a beautyfull tale of dreamtime creations, that has much love and beauty to show the worlde, if it was so more would feel love by seeing the beauty that is in all of natures creations.  Kept  by the story keepers and never changed to each generation to the next, the three laws reminding our modern selves to keep the balance.  Not because we are made too but because we choose so, solely for the love.  Reminiscent of all creation stories explained differently, the theme is always the same.  Leading me by the heart and soul,  forms the conclusion that creation still dreams.         Little bits learnt each time of chaos and balance for our spiritual growth, everything all at once is too much for the elemental chemical composition that makes our bodies.  We are energy made of nature, thus we work as nature does.  Born a natural and hereditary witch, I hear the aboriginal dreamtime songs, calling me by my own blood and the earth and tells me its story.  Myselfe, bounded by names (three bloodlines I know of make me) much of me I see in K'Gari, for now as witches are inclined to do, her story becomes mine and thus I can understand why and depth of love she discovered, enough to transform herselfe into where I, and many others finally call home.  Such trust and love, she gifted us with her very own spirit.  I do believe she did know, and so did her own people what shall happen, or could happen by every single person she happily greets with joy for her company.  Instructing the first people with knowledge of how to care for and protect theyr princess, becoming K'Gari's eternal caretakers whom the gods knew would always do so.  Three laws to abide declaring how to keep the balance maintained, what they learned they returned, the knowledge passed onto the people created only kilometres away.  These land people taught by the island people pass this word for word, the teachings of the original gods to every child.  
   They say people were first created to live upon K'Gari, so that she may be joyful still and remain. They were to stay upon Fraser Island, but across the water to Hervey Bay more people the gods created.  Once again hinting at two different but very similar races of humans, or perhaps two different creation times for mankind. Those knowledgable of the locale, know that Moon Point; now called Dayman Point, is not on Fraser Island but instead Hervey Bay;  Urangan, my very own neighbourhood and the location of the oldest footprint on earth.  Truly, although this is speculation amongst the creation story of Genesis, the only we are taught. Darwin and his evolution theory would not agree, but science does and so do the descendants who still proudly and when the need calls for, as the government will find ways to hide and certain individuals would seek to steal, they rise ferociously standing theyr ground.  I do know our paths cross even into friends.
    This magickal paradise and its natural wonder, quietly unassuming and connects the major legends and mythos with fact.  Tis one strand weaving together the web of history, one of the oldest recounted and possibly the most beautyfull and loving account we have... one of unconditional Love.
  K'Gari, her magnificence only fully felt once you are upon the island and within Paradise, her skin was surely as white as the islands white sandy shores. 
   I have a story to add, tis not mine but that of my eldest son.  One day, he saw what he called a ghost island appear in the ocean distance not far from Fraser Island, this also was witnessed by his sceptical dad.  
  Magick and beauty truly abounds, influenced just as much by the current forces and flow of the underworld.  The duality of balance, needed to maintain and the other was created for this very reason; tis the Law.  The  many people who traverse the worlde to camp and enjoy nature, most would not know of her, happiness ferments familys on holidays as she loves those who make her joyful by being happy.  This ancient land was created by magick, the potion transformation became beauty and love, the result of which a choice was made to give herselfe as gift for others. A service of self for that only true love could choose, transforming into eternal evermore.  Princess K'Gari became her magickal birthright, and that was Joy.  The wonder of perfection in nature pristine, an island still innocent to the harshness of the outside worlde.  acknowledges the princesses energy strong enough to be felt by island created and formed  K'Gari in translation means 'Paradise' the very first name given to Fraser Island by the original dreamtime spirits.  Indeed, across the island right where I live, protected from public nuisances and the ever-present threat of suburbia growth lies an ancient relic that defies what we have been taught to believe.   The very first footstep set upon our worlde, the legend passed on by the local aboriginal Butchulla tribe every new generation born, happily accepting theyr own birthright to caretake and continue remembering.  So, when a god or goddess call and you do hear them, (for not all can, or and that is theyr free will choice) our own lifes also become similar.  Thus recreation of the idea becomes a yearn to know and understand the meaning of the spirit.. only to find it is our own very self anyway, endlessly continuing its spiral until everything truly Knows.
   Local landscape is dabbled with cretaceous fossils found rife in ancient sediments, but the time frame surely boggles the mind.  Reestablishing the proof that here is one of the ancient mariners and travellers even older than they, making this an extremely important port of call, reasons only they know.  But as the spiral goes, if we know them then we also know theyr reasons.        Formed solely from the Love for Love of her very own creation, this masterpiece of perfection she created for her father who dreamt this into being and so it became.  Only Love can Create, and so she must have Loved.  K'Gari truly fell in love with the entrancing potential of a still barren and unformed dream, for she saw a Hope. Pandora's Box, a recipe and fixed outcome for humans to know its own creation, our past has truly given us the know-how of our ingredients and the reactions.  Creation always recreates, thus we learn this and are required to pass this very same knowledge to the next generation also.  As will they, tis the universal Law of any creation to do so.  
A beautiful, white spirit and her companion (or two it say some) created from the nothing of  his and her own ideas, new form requires imagination and the thought of to transform into matter.  Only together can any idea manifest into being.  So much love and hope was the result to the method, for Love is the Hope (tis the belief of a future) and belief in ourself to manifest.  I am sure, although nothing is to me anymore.. If retold from a modern day point of time,  we see some similarities of today.  A princess white skinned when all others were black, female when all others were male and given a very important job given.  Creating something from nothing under the request and duress of her father, the patriarch leader who first set foot onto a prehistoric earth... Just as we ourselves are doing with Mars today.  
  Yes, I can say this with authority of the land that cannot hide this evidence. Although people can try, the earth records and will always tell.   An ancient footprint embedded in fossil for all of time.  Tis quite amazing to me to think, a man once stood, or walked upon the very same place I also leave my footprints tracked through time.  Was he aware of this, intentionally left this for his very own reason, or did he not know he would, but Earth required this message for us from her.  Thus it became imprinted to be kept for future posterity and legacy. This one record through the size of his shoes, leaves a clue that all schoolchildren do learn; the depth and size, and if we know the distance between footsteps tells both his height and weight.   Therefore, sealing this information in a time capsule, conveying a message for all time.  The very same message Neil Armstrong historically left by him and therefore, we humans, as he first stepped upon the moon.. 
  The Deities we know as the gods and goddesses portray our very own personal selves and states of being.  An internal and external connection to the Source, ensuring we grow and learn from the lives they once also lived. For they once were also great men and women, albeit living a life that was large enough to be retold down the track of time.  I have pondered this thought much..
   Dieties, the gods and goddesses of a time longer than we can remember leave imbedded into our coded DNA stores the memories of them, our ancestors.  This is how we remember memories from the source, as it us and all.  Earth also remembers an important moment for her history.  Like all living things do, especially loving Mothers... she took a picture to remember.
      Coming Soon:  When Princesses Collide;  K'Gari meets the other white princess, Diana.

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