Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Earth, once more... }i{

Before it begun it had ended
My life again, the remembered intended
The forgiven, by the forgotten
The livid, the tempered and the rotten
To each, they have dared
The darkened out streets, alit by candles glare
Frenzied dreams. a screamer alive 
Hidden passages shown behind the curtain drawn
Hedging leaves coloured with fragrant floral seams
Garden paths formed of a cobbled stone
A threshold and a crossroad
Ignited fireflies pattern the earths starry abode
A lost, little girl unsure of how to go
Dank, wet dirt touches her feet 
The scent of the earth, clamours her skin
Another awareness has set in
She looks to the sky, for the moon always knows
Tis the sun who always tells her so
Why it is the earth that is her home
A request, a bless, and an emptiness
Alive, cried, sanity denied
Falls to her knees upon the cobbled stones
Only the fragrance and scent keeps her aware
Hurling through her bones, her skin and her blood
Curling and curdling, her blighted lessen
Fissures and fractures of a wrecked mind
Hands tightened, chipped polished nails
Scratch and burn her skin
Tis like paper that hath worned thin
Unfurls her fists, screams to the sky
She falls to the earth
Trusts, she does not know why
Tempered madness, the sweetest caress
Earthly groans of olden bones
Seams from her cracks
She withers and dies
The love of her, returned back into the earth.
Dirt and Sky, Rain and Fire
Back to the Earth once more.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Faery History of the Pict-Sidhes, as found in faeryworld magazine. }i{...

'Many go to the Tir-na-nog in sleep, and some are said to have remained there, and only a vacant form is left behind without the light in the eyes which marks the presence of a soul.
    Once upon a time there lived the people of the Sídhe, the Tuatha Dé Danann who are the children of the goddess Danu.  The ancient Gods and Goddesses, whose magickal fae-blood carries on today through the descendants of the High Kings of Ireland, these druids and shamans who ruled by faery Law and worked within the faery lore.  The greatest one who ever was King Arthur, a faery legacy remembered for all time because of his legendary feats and epic tales as only a faery-borne could do.  
    Exceptionally skilful in the arts and science, poetry and magicks, and also glamouring (the otherworlde they did create remember) Tuatha today stay hidden by their own choice from prying human eyes and minds.  Ensuring they would be never forgotten by the remnants of human time, these grand beings creatively and discreetly left behind for us, mythical and real remnants we can still see or feel today. Only those wise of magick, can see with faery eyes!      Symbolic creatures, these beings have left messages and clues for them to be found, but only if one knows where to go.  Faery mounds and portals, doorways hidden by nature can be opened by spirals and glyphs. A tip for the faery quester, they like it all in threes! 
Forever hidden in another realm and time, but sometimes... a faery falls for a mortal and for them they will show themselves only.  How true is this for some fair and gentle people throughout mortal time has discovered, and how indeed does everything become more magickal and strange.
  A long time ago when the ancients treaded upon our world, there was a war of titles and land claims to call Ireland (Pict) home.  An epic battle ensued,  the Fir Blog defeated the Tuatha De Danann, causing these gentle teachers to turn away from the humans, leaving for their new home called Tir na n-Og ("Land of Youth").  They are adventurers and travellers at heart, still even today on the wild hunt they choose to do so.  They are a proud kind, gentle but warriors if need be, war is not their favourite option on the battlefront their minds and magickal skills are.  As war was far too distasteful for most of the Tuatha, and humans are a very rough and uncouth species for them energy-wise, these gentle folk retreated 'til another human time of evolution and refinement.  
   Some of the Tuatha made a decision to continue living quietly with the victors of this terrible war, but now their homes were made hidden by magic from the eyes of mortals, these homes are called Sidhe (síd or sídh) or the Otherworld.  So very constant in their timings, but also not a part of anytime I feel they work on cosmological alignments and human acceptance.  Honestly, I do not wonder why they are shy.. My last name is a very old faery name, and how personally I have found not all people like faery kinds.  I am sure some of you have found this too, unique qualities frighten mere mortals once they see or feel the magick.  My word of advice for lovers of the fae... the Best and only way is the Faery way! 
   For those who do not revel in mythos like I,  perhaps would like to know that the children of Danu and her descendants today, still know this goddess as their mother.  Brighid, the goddess Bride she is also known.. As a warrior, they call her the Morrighan.  Many facets make a faery goddess as you can see, their magicks are their mystery and keep our history.
  Of course we all know how faeries love treasure and pretties, let me leave you with a curiosity.. Tuatha De Danann are the keepers of the greatest treasure ever, which they brought with them from the four island cities Murias, Falias, Gorias and Findias, when they arrived in Ireland.
  From Falias is the Stone of Fál (Lia Fáil)... The stone would cry out beneath the king who took the sovereignty of Ireland. It was supposedly located near the Hill of Tara in County Meath. (Legitimacy of kingdom).
From Goirias or Gorias is the Spear (sleg) of Lugh... No battle was ever sustained against it, or against the man who held it.
From Findias is the Sword (claideb/claiomh solais) which belonged to Núadu ... No one ever escaped from it once it was drawn from its sheath, and no one could resist it. The sword is also described in the Tain legend as 'Nuadu's Cainnel'  a glowing bright torch.
From Muirias or Murias  is the Cauldron (coire) of the Dagda ... No company ever went away from it unsatisfied.

Hidden Magick.
Theyr is a place in this worlde
Far away it can be heard
Calling you when the full moon glistens
A magickal land where faery's go
Only if you're lucky will they show
A worlde of magickal beings
Not for human beings
Unicorns, Dragons and Wytches fly
On theyr own magickal highs
Goblins in the dark hide
Lost from us in a worlde so wide
When the elves do come
To have theyr mischievous fun
When the faery's do fly
On moonbeams way up high
When the wytches do cast
Magick working to forever last
We can open up our ears to hear
Why it is us they really fear
Look when the moonlight glistens
When the time starts to quicken  
See the flickers in the sky
Open up to the worlde that hides
Maybe then they will let you see
Into the worlde you wish to be.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The void, the aeon, the flux... }i{

To fill the void of the creative urge
One must first disappear to the aethers
Succumb the depths and force 
This energy to rise back above
To live the art and become the heart
One must journey and walk the path
In honesty, we find value
In value, we find truth
To live your values and walk your truth
One must first find theyr truth
If it tis the journey you seek, but not the path
Does not matter, for it is still a craft
This crafted truth is your well-worn path
See how in the end, your way is always the correct path
Regardless who deems what may.
Live thy Life, it shall set you free 
In thee Truth, what you seek is
Duplicity, it tis always you and me..
Thus it ends what has begun
Blessfull tidings of tried and true
Visions alive, and dreams come true.
May we forever part and return
To always see another brighter day.
So Mote It Be. )O(....

Friday, February 28, 2014

Magicks and Revelations, odes and spell-full things... }i{ Favourite practical magick...

I believe in magick
Magick believes in me
Betwixt magicks and Belief
You shall always find me.

Dragons need to share with humans
Humans need to share with dragons
Simplicity and yearning
Is the Key!

Faery Stones...
The  finding of a faery stone, be it great or small, is a good sign.  But it should never be given away, because the reciever will get the good luck, some disaster shall befall the giver.

How to have money always...
Take the black feather of a black cock, go to the crossing points of three faery paths (leylines),and while holding the feather and a gold-coloured coin, call the name Aine three times, to bring you everlasting prosperity.

How to go invisible...
Gather the dandelion plant plant on the first fullmoon after the flowerheads have appeared.  Call on the powers of the goddess Brighet and ask her to grant your wish to be invisible.  Walk three times right-hand wise around a sacred well.  Scatter the dandelion plant around the well as you walk intenting to become invisible.

How to win love....
O, Aonghus who bore the wounds of love and longing,
If this person be ordained for me
Let me hold theyr hand now
And breathe theyr breathe
O my love
I set a charm at the top of your head
To the sole of your foot
To each side of your breast
That you may not leave me nor forsake me
As a foal after a mare
As a child after the mother
May you stay with me and follow me till death
Comes to part us asunder.
Let it be so.

Do they love me Apple spell....
To determine whether or not someone loves you, eat an apple to the core until you find a seed.  Remove the seed and name it by the same name as the one you love.  With a pin, inscribe the name of your love on a candle.  Light the candle and leave it to burn for a moment before dropping the seed into the candle flame.  If the seed makes a crackling sound, the one you desire can hardly contain theyr feelings for you.  Snuff out the candle.

Latin Magickal Wordes of Enchantment...
Accio;              To summon. Used to summon objects and arrive to the spellcaster.
Auguamenti;    To bring forth water.  Used with a pendulum, to find water sources.
Alohomora;      To unlock a doorway.
Anapneo;         To breathe.  Clears lung airways to help overcome breathing issues.
Appareo;          To become visible.  Makes transparent objects appear.
Colligere;          To bind objects together.
Colloportus;      To seal doorways.
Diffindo;            To split. Causes separation between objects.
Dissimulo;         To conceal. Disguise, keep hidden, or keep secret.  Can be used to opposite effect and revealing.
Episkeyi;           To repair.
Finis;                 To end, resolution of a matter.
Homorphus;     To transform, creating shapeshifting abilities.
Levo;                To raise, to lift up something.
Libaro;              To liberate. To set something free.
Lumos;             To illuminate the dark.  Turn lights on.  
Nox;                 To make the dark.
Patronus;         To call in a protector.  To call forth your guardian god/dess.
Protego;           To find or create a gateway portal.
Specialis Revelio;  To unveil, reveals hidden magickal workings.
Tergeo;             To wipe clean your slate, for cleansing objects.

Raven and Crow Omens...
They slept until the black raven,
The blithe hearted
Proclaimed the joy of heaven.

The raven symbolises the void- the mystery of that which is not yet formed.  The raven draws in all energy towards itselfe and releases it into new forms.  Element is air, they are the spirit messengers.  Known as the Trickster.

One for bad news
Two for mirth
Three is a wedding
Four is a birth
Five is for riches
Six is a thief
Seven a journey
Eight is for grief
Nine is a secret
Ten is for sorrow
Eleven is for love
Twelve is joy for tomorrow.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Prying Eyes and the Changeling... }i{

Theyr was a time once before, forever ago it now seems
I knew my life, I knew my dreams
Alas, the forbidding of understanding and realisations
Now is the life I lead
Why this is so, this deepened yearning to know
I ponder the thought, overwrought and underwhelmed
Visions of heaven and alone in hell
How can this be, this is new to me
How can this be so, I no longer know
The mysterios path that befell me
Perhaps my head is no longer theyr
My heart doth no longer care
Nevermore, evermore and forevermore
Three terms and wordes that mean so much
My broken, and cracked heart hath become my binding crutch
A day with mirth, a night with joy
Realms of ancientness and times devoid
Songlines are the leylines of an ancient craft
The earth is hard, the sea it drowns and the sky thunders 
This raging storm I have become
Twas a thing I could not of perceived
What I knew, was no longer for me
So much hate and anger thrown at me
Gentleness of spirit I feel is not for me
Although this is something I do try
The battle for my heart and soul, my life and my fate
Thrust into a shameful display, unfortunately for me
Something I never, ever did foresee
This life, this fate is not yours, but another's destiny
But for me tis my very own curvature of learning
Of a journey undertaken, my spiritual path 
One where everybody fights against me
Them who once loved me now say they never knew me
Turns a gentle thought into a wounded cry
How loneliness and strangeness overcomes me
I know the ancientness was me all along
That must master this slighted discretion
To keep my very selfe on track
It is my heart that must nevermore look back
As much as my mind tries 
For the past is to stay the past
If one wishes to carry on theyr very own way
Sometimes I do wish I am that perfectly bright day
And not a blackened, hardened heart that became this way
Tis my songline, this parable poetic life
Something had snapped within this broken chest
Looking for life, I tripped and fell much into this newel bequest
My heart has treasoned me, this I know
For tis my mind that says this is the reason, and all good will follow
Such a battle writhes inside for heaven and hell, to feel depth
I never thought my pagan heart would be bothered by this heaven and hell
I cannot deny, this cries with an unbidden and lonely sigh 
That came from nowhere, and now remains
Once I knew, now I can only wonder 
Why curiosities consume me
Burning morrows and starry nighs.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Run or Hide, tis the Kitty inside... )O(

Alley Cats and Fierce Cats
Free and wild, theyr home is theyr Land
Instinctive is theyr territory, they never forget
Nine lives, never forget a cat comes back
Kings of the jungles, in the trees above they will be
Tis theyr mane they were like a crown
Queens of the streets, fast and sleek
Tis theyr choice, an independent queenly desire
A home they make theyr own if invited to stay
A home they make theyr own also, if they would like to stay.  
Tis why the queen knows her hood, thats a cats way back home. 
Cats are like the cheetah 
Confronted by the liar and the cheater
A lion if proud, or with pride
A tiger if angered, scared or harmed
A panther to hide, and fight like the dark
In comfort and at home, purrs like the kitty 
Blissful, content and very happy
They were once long ago treated like royalty
Tis the reward, of a once mighty people
Purring cats are a happy cat, lucky for you
You were obviously theyr reward is how cats think
For else what is all this luxury for? I am a lucky cat
If unhappy, away they will stay maybe never to return
If one chooses the streets for life or life chooses for you the street... 
Tis the wizened old tom cat
Tis his territory, he cares for the lost and the stray
All are needed, and each is a home
Cats survive that way.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bella's magickal prose... you and mee, duplicity and new mythica. May Bee }I{...

 So Beautyfull...
So beautyfull, if only I could have you
These wordes I write because I cannot tell you
So much to say, no one to tell
My heart weeps with joy and burns like hell
You, our feelings run ever- so deep
But is it me you wish to keep
I ask my heart which is so
My heart says yes, my head tells no
In my confusion I brought you pain
Because it is you I hear call my name
Around you I should stop and think
Only thing is, around you I cannot think
If I look in your direction
My heart grows with affection
If I look you in the eyes
My legs go weak and a quiver in my thighs
Do you know I have this reaction
Yes, you see I have this reaction
Wonder if this is lust or is it love
Oh, how I thank the gods for theyr gift from above
You are the one that I did wish for
Even though it was not you I asked for
The goddess has touched you and She has seen
Who you Are, what you can Be
Perhaps I understand a lil more than you
Just how much the goddess has indeed noticed you

The Starr-Crossed Lovers...
Do you see my eyes
Dark circles and tears bled dry
Crying inside
Can these hidden tears ever subside
Times gone by, another life
And now another time
I hear you call
My breathing stops, 'tis only my mynd
I hold your voice close to mee
I hold your memories in my hand
Memories, I sometimes cannot stand
I hurt you, you hurt mee
I hurt you back
But still I hold tight
An insane love at night
That seems so real and comes back to haunt mee
Never do I want it to leave mee
Border-line obsession you could concede
Tragic, starr-crossed love
My very own Shakespeare.

Almost Touching...
Listen to my heart speak, it talks of you
My shadow, I feel you near
Your breath reaches the moon
Your touch takes me to the stars
And your kiss burns like the sun
Will you forever be just a dream
An omen of what will be
In a distant place you complete mee
Far, far away hidden in the shadows
You watch from afar, waiting
My hands reach for your outstretched arms
Almost touching
My head fills with your thoughts
My heart fills with your Love
My body fills with with your desire
Almost touching
Destiny's colliding 
You welcome me home.

Come Inside...
I have found a place within myselfe
Where dreams come true, nothing else
Come inside and leave the key
Come inside and be with Mee
Kissed the Wind and made a wish
Making sure it did not miss
To the Starrs it did reach
Around again and back to Mee
Lucky Mee, it All came true
Better than I ever knew
Angels, you heard my plea
Angels, you listened to Mee
Now it is my turn to thank You for
The wish that I asked You for 
What is it You ask in return
Is it nothing or is it the worlde
I know nothing comes for free
I wonder what it is You want from Mee
May Bee someday I don't know when
May Bee you will tell Mee then.

Around the Moon and Back....
Dance around the Moon tonight
Make a wish upon a Starr so Bright
Feel the Wind in your hair
Feel the Power that is theyR
Fly around the Sun today
Life is Better when you fly this Way
Freedom is within reach
Freedom is what You seek
Climb the RainBow to your Heart
Life has had a fresh new start
Peace is what You need
Peace to set You Free
Swim down the River of Life
Wash away the hurt in your Life
Love is what You follow
Love so Life is not so hollow
Reach inside the Rain-filled cloud
Why try to fit in the crowd
Make your Life better today
Make it happen all your Way
I  wish upon a Starr so Bright
To make it All better tonight
I work so hard to make things right
I won't give up without a fight
I danced around the Moon tonight
I flew around the Sun today
I climbed the RainBow to my Heart
I swam down the River of Life
I reached inside a Rain-filled cloud
Maybe my wish will come true tonight
I held up a mirror so I could See
That which had become of mee
I did not like what it showed
My life has had no real flow
I made a wish for my Life to change
My whole worlde felt oh, so strange
I have learnt alot about mee
Some things are hard to see
But now I understand
It was myselfe I could no longer stand
I dance around the Moon
I fly around the Sun
I reach inside a Cloud
And what do I See?
Life can be Wonder full
But only if I let it Bee.

Let me take your hand
While I lead the Way
To something so true
This secret I found
I want to share with you
Let me show you the Path 
That shines so Bright
Let me show you
A different Way of Life
Maybe you will understand 
If I gave you my hand
Will you follow and walk close by
If I showed you the Way
To a Life so Bright
This our True destiny
Will you turn away
When I try to explain
That it is Our choice 
What we find at the End
We can walk Hand in Hand
Down this Path of destiny
Together we can be Free
From this worlde not real
Will you follow me
To this life I have seen before
Or will you turn away
Misunderstood forevermore
To find a different destiny.

Visions in my Heart
All for Mee
Power so Strong
All for Mee
This is my Magick
This is my Power
This is the Witching hour
The Sun my Father
The Moon my Mother
Powerfull  like no other
Moving into infinity
Magick runs deep within Mee
Starrs in my Eyes
Universally wise
Dreams in the night
Goddess of my Life
Calling mee, absorbing Mee
Becoming a part of Mee
Messages so strong
Pulling mee along
Power so fast
Magicks to last
This is Mee
The goddess she Sees
Coming into being
I am no longer fleeing
The Goddess and Mee
Blessed Be.