Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Land of Untold and Dreams to be told... }i{

I have not drowned only merely succumbed
Diving to the greatest depths again of the ocean calling 
Impossible possibilities wished and worked
Something else, something old but oh, so new 
A sirens call, whispered dreams to be found
Stranger dreams and inspired creations
Inside of me I see and hear all, near and far                 
Currents of chaos and constant motions threaten 
Pulling emotional tidings with a flow 
All the while it twas the earth, not the moon like I thought
The ocean called and twas the Earth I found
Sink or swim, drown or float
Does not matter, the sky holds all afloat
Imaginations and Truths die and are Reborn
Evolution prevails, always yearn for more
Adventure is the Inspiration of Evolution
Re/Evolution is the tree of Life 
The tree of Life too has a name
All needs and has its very own word
All things require a name for it to be heard
Transcendence is its name and Wisdom it fruits
Tis your choice which wood you use
Knowledge grows within and without
An ache grows from the blood
It has a story to tell the bones
Cut to the core through the rings the trunk bears
Stories the tree has lived and told adorned by nature of an older age
Nestled within trees favoured by creatures 
A home and a nest, babies and eggs
Transcendence we call a new way and Life
Evolution requires Transcendence to learn new form
Transcendence from Evolution is required for new form
Apples are knowledge this we know
When sliced in half two stars are revealed
Never fear to find what is hidden within
The apples star were once long ago 
My very favourite treasure
Adventurous and skilful, feisty is my temper and very wilful
My magicks glamour the earth and glitter the sky with oceanic proportions
A lighthouse strong and proud, is never left out in the cold alone
Lonely souls to guide the adventurous travellers and Truth keepers
Once ignite, instead become the brightest of lights
Brightest stars of the endless night
The strongest of torches to light the way
Those who wish to find theyr way through storms or dark night
Sequestered within tucked away deep inside
 Hidden by choice and tucked safely inside
Quietly resides the deepest and darkest side of me
Against the currents wildly I thrash, longer it is before I find the shore
Flow with the currents, drifting happily along I swim home knows the way
Plummeting the depths, riding the sands of time
Nevermore eroded by the hands of time
Adorned with seashells within thine hair
Darts of truth, life and love 
Shoot from her sardonic mouth gracefully
Naught but Love does she Be or need
To tell a truth from a lie, and to never harm another she doth spout
Button-like eyes that do not close from the land, water or sky
With these eyes theyr is only beauty to see
Vivid and bright, painted blue like the ocean
Lighted within by flecks of coral
With delicate ears it tis the ocean, land and sky she hears
Around her waist she has for herselfe tied
The finest red ribbon, with a bright sparkly bow
That can be undone but never shall fray
Flowered vines interwoven amongst the branches,
A fabric of intricity, a crafted wovened delicate web
Envisions of the Creations that are sweetly made
Mystery and Mythos and a new time shall tell
Patterned outlay, means nothing to an untrained eye
Its form, the design of obstacles discovered
Tried and true an avid journey, the seeker and its path
Veins the colour of the oceans darkest blue
Held within by delicate skin
Feet are strong, hands are light
Tis the soul that doth ignite
Ocean and Forest
Sky and Bird
Spoken wordes create magick just like that
Musical keys sung to a whimsical tune and melody
Sweetly played notes give way to the correct tone 
For those who play the pan flute song
If one does find an opening within the misted vale
Come, but only enter the hidden realm with innocence and mirth
Tis not a door you should open with a heavy knock
Tis the faery veil, ever so gently parted can reveal
Treasure hidden and woven safely within
Stronger than anything any human ever wrought
Delicately woven dreams forged by the dreamweaver
Nature has spun with beauty more finer and precious than gold
So sweet is the woeful song that was once a tragedy
Beautyfull memories mark the words and vision 
Created masterpieces symbols of past, present and future
Sung to the song of the tune of the song that played
Drawing out the long hidden words 
Recalling the forgotten dreams never told
Outlaying new dreams hoping to be 
Memories crafted strong enough to stand the tests of the mind
Carved deeply to withstand the length of time
Creation without passion is such a mundane thing
Forevermore is a Life lived with passion, Evermore 
Legacy from dreams and creations
Melancholy Nevermore, raven does call
My tragic romantic heart lives forevermore
Fiery convictions and tellings of the tried and true
Symbolism and inbetween meanings
The language the fae once knew
Freedom is a penchant and a life for the adventure
The internal longing of the Heart always knows
Do not fear if you know not where to go
Dream strongly, wisely and well
Something forgotten over time, is always remembered
Belief is the Key, the door cannot open without
Do not fret nor worry if time forgets
The wise never forget, only become tired over time
Rest and care is what is needed to be remembered
If you have displaced your memory
Two simple things to help you remember
Tis only a nightmare if one does not know
It is only a dream if one does not know how
Everything you shall ever need
Is found within and without nature and you
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all is beautyfull
Beware lovely souls
Eyes are also the place where greed can be shown and found
A creation birthed is a Legacy 
A lil bit of hope and belief is all one needs
Happy are they, well lived and wrought with Love
Thus the Dream remains to stay 
Becomes a Legacy to be loved by the future borne
Creations manifest are the happiest and most loved
Of the Dreams luscious and fulfilled or barren or bare 
The bravest of souls who ever have dared
Are the very ones who believe in the power and magick
Those who dare face the burning and release
Desire tempered with action is a madness
That manifests dreams into wake
Rampant loud ghosts of night
If ever keep you awake
Be only unmade dreams, haunting thee
Haunting thee like silkened caresses
Nothing more, nothing less
Unformed creations make love to unimagined Dreams
Mythos and realities, only with Love can they be conceived. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to make a Heart )O(...

One does not see angels in disguise
One cannot overcome lies if it is Love
That is the Lie. The Lie that you hide
The one deep in your heart
Its not a Monster
It is your Dark trying to get through to you
I am sad because it calls
But I know in my Heart it is just me 
I truly need.
All of it is the Key
No matter how different you see
As long as you see well
We are only well if we are whole
To be whole one does need to be complete
The Armageddon is only a fight for your soul
In your head and yours alone.
Love is a personal thing, it is our very own
It is our Sacred and no new can be created
To stand the the forces of Time 
Without this Key!
Such a simple key you locked in your heart
That something so special
You would do anything not to have it
Because of what it does to another
That is pain, and the only pain
Is the one in your mind
That you are not worthy of Love
Because you were made
The circle is forever intact
Complete and Whole
Maintained with Love
Circles for Eternity
And twists into Fate
And theyr is my Infinity 
And also is yours.
The marriage is the ring
The ring is the metaphor
The metaphor is
Nothing is Whole until it is Complete.
That my dear friends,
Is the only lesson we need.
Sometimes the best things are found
In the most quietest place 
If you want to find an angel
Thats where it will be found
A heart is a circle
With one footprint to stamp the middle
A reminder to us
Two halves are complete
Even when they are not together
The footprint is the stamp
That does not bind them together
But to remind us, 
Love may hurt and half a life can happen
The hurt is the Love to keep you Aware
The footstep between each half
Is the very middle, the two halves of the whole
The guidance of our Heart 
Will call two halves together
Or conscious is our inner voice.
The spirit is Holy, and so are we
Holes are never Whole if a whole does not know
Holy is the Spirit that knows where to go
Spirit if not whole, leaves a wounded soul
Your Heart is truly your Home
If you know your Heart 
You are home, exactly where you should be. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ballads and Prose; the poetic madness of Belinda Annesley.

Excerpts from Love and Hate, Dreams and Magickal MoonBeams... )O(

Ate my Soul...
Ate my soul until its empty
Drank your fill
Now this is all that is left of mee
Crying in pieces upon the floor
Love in my heart, by you was scorned
Written all across my face
The emptiness that I have become
Trying now to be complete
What on earth did you do to mee
I can't get over you, can't you see
Now no more tears fall from my eyes
I keep them away, locked safely inside
What was it about mee you feared
Now I know you are sorry
Though to mee you will never say
Still I know you reside in my soul
Where I said to you no more
Only you cried back, do not go
Do you believe me now
When I said it was bigger than mee
Maybee that is why I still feel bound
You had eaten my heart
You drank your fill
I gave you the magick of mee
Which you kept 
And did not give back to mee.

Bane of your Existence...
Bane of your existence, not mee you now want
But you, my dreams forever haunt
I think of you, far away you run
Far away from what I have done
So sorry, what can I say
Only you, you became my brightest day
A silly, little girl crush
Never have I wanted someone so much
In the end, I make you mad
I make your life so crazy and sad
Trouble I am, this I know
Why I am, I think I know
Past lives, lovers binded together
I, your student- you, my mentor
I know your magick I have seen
You came and told me in a dream
This tie, would you be able to understand
The Goddess, my Fate guided by Her hand
Your power, I am drowning within
Aways through life to love you in sin
You asked to stay forever away
I will now that I understand
Why Fate guided mee first to your hand.

Gilded Cage...
Smash the mirror of your gilded cage
Screaming out all my hidden rage
Beat the bars with my fist
Break your walls with my fist
No more trophy for you am I
Poke the envy from your eye
Green with envy are your horns
Off your pedestal I now fall
Outside now of your gilded cage
Rebellion now quells my rage
Your gilded cage lays at my feet
Broken without mee you give up in defeat
Much more envious are you now
Want me back but don't know how
Smashed your love with my fist
Break your heart with my fist
Broke the bars of your gilded cage
Nothing now can quell my rage.

Said to Be...
The boy looked in wonder 
To the girl with sad, sad eyes
Why does your heart pain so bad
When it is me that aches truly so
If given her chance
Will she prove to be 
All she is said to be
Will her heart be true
When given her chance
Will she prove to be
All she is said to be
Give her my heart and she will take my soul
To distant lands where only dreams dare to go
Will she bring my heart back in one piece
Or will she lock it away to keep
Her heart already belongs to me
But why those sad, sad eyes
Little girl trapped in love
Forever lost to his soul
Why give her the chance
Will she prove to be
All she is said to be
Come take my hand the boy whispered
Her eyes light up and she looks in wonder
To the boy she loves truly so
Take his hand in yours
Girl with the happy eyes
When given her chance
She will prove to be who she is said to be
She will be all she is said to be.

Aphrodite and Ares...
The Gods have played with all theyr nerve
Moving theyr pawns into place across the Earth
Aphrodite and Ares, theyr story not yet told
So completely daring and so very bold
Too much love for them to keep apart
Tried it out with my willing heart
It came about that I found myselfe
Giving my life to a Goddess to help
The pieces are in place and still She waits
Forever and eternity, Her love is our Fate
Funny to think my story is the same
That Aphrodite even knows my name
Ares knows it is Him that She loves
Even though She is betoken to a different one
Aphrodite changed my life so the Gods could taste
A mortal love that became too great
But the Gods work in theyr own time
Like Aphrodite, I can't have you for myne
So I sit and wait, while I contemplate
Strange how I feel the power of Fate
In the end perhaps maybee
Love on Earth between Ares and Aphrodite.

Enchantress calls in my dreams, nothing is as it seems
Chanting in my sleep, calling from a worlde so deep
What does she say, does she show the way
To the path of mystery, does she tell my hystory
What does she want, enchantress she will chant
What does she know, wherever did she go
Is it mee, did she set me free
Enchantress from deep inside, calling mee from most high
Lady in my mynd, why does she hide
Only in my sleep, can I hope to reach
Into my soul that runs so deep
Only in my dreams, does she truly come to be
The woman in my dream, who can she be
When she whispers to mee
What does she say, when I dream this way
What does she want, from my dreams she haunts
What does she know, about the place I want to go
How did this come about, words forming in my mouth
Chanting in my sleep, awakens my magick from deep
Enchantress in my dream, is it you
Or is it mee.

My Philosophy....
Beauty, Sexy and Free
This is my philosophy
Maiden, Mother, Crone I am One
At once olde and so very young 
The wind is blowing my hair
I feel my wildness everywhere
Do what I wish but never harm none
Drawn to the Moon and my face to the Sun
I speak my truth and I see yours 
As sure as the Elementals guard the Quarters
Magick as true as any witch
In this worlde I am a powerful witch
I see your truth, now speak yours
Magick so strong because of mee
Earth and Fire, Sea and Air
These, the elements of the hearth
Keep my magick safe on Earth.

Once Touched...
Please let mee find the words
Of the Goddess and what She has heard
Too many coincidences in my life
For mee to dismiss them from my life
Once again my life had taken 
Another step towards your direction
I tried to make this not be
But now you've heard more about mee
I bet you know you did mee wrong
I bet you know I was not so strong
Why is my heart still afflicted
Why are you so afraid of my witchyness
I cannot help who, or what I am 
Magick I know moves through my hands
This I know you have seen
But do you understand what it means
I came undone
From what the Gods asked
Caught between heaven and earth
I broke too many hearts
I am sorry for all my actions
But I understand though when the Gods intervene
Nobody can gauge what will be the reaction
I told you my story 
I told you my dreams
I know you saw the magick
But did you know it was for you and  mee
Touched by the Gods, I still know what they want
Still in my dreams, still my life you haunt. 

The Calling...
The intricity of mystery draws mee on
This is my path, I go where I belong
A thirst for life to experience it all
How I listen when my Goddess calls
I live my life by the universe
This is my calling, not my curse
Myselfe, my Goddess has heard
She speaks to mee with a silent word
In my heart I feel her near
What She asks I sometimes fear
My love for Her keeps me going
Her love for mee is always showing
I ask of Her what I need
Enough to keep my spirit freed
My life is full of constant lessons
My power does sometimes lessen
But I know when I feel alone
I have lost my way to my Goddess' Home
The further I sometimes move away
The harder She calls for mee to stay
I keep Her close to my heart
Because I know we never part
I lose my way when life is too fake 
I feel when Her heart does break
When I do not listen
I see the tears in Her eyes glisten
When I follow my path
I hear the joy while She does laugh
We are both as together
Always joined, always forever
As long as I live to how She asks
As long as I follow my Sacred path
She will give me what I need
But only if it is meant for mee.

Truth, Light, Honour and Love...
Goddess in the Night
Only you know the truth of my life
Pain and love go hand in hand
Only you, I can understand
Truth, Light, Honour and Love
We are our only judge
Goddess of the Moon
In your might, my life does swoon
You call to mee to hold your hand
I need the strength, this you understand
Took mee away so I could heal
For a time you let mee not feel
Goddess of my Life
In my truth, I know I am right
You tell, of myselfe take care
Those who hurt I am aware
Truth, Light, Honour and Love
Karma in time will judge
Goddess I have found
What goes up must come down
In time I will heal
To live and laugh and feel Alive
Mee, no longer will I have to hide.