Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The symphony of the Winged Ones...

Colours In The Sky.
She flutters her wings and says her goodbyes
With her back turned against the dark, drab sky
Mischief twitches at her lips
And turns into a smile.
Her faded eyes are clouded over,
Wearing the remnants of a tattered mind.
Feeling lost and alone, confused between worlds,
She makes her choice,
And blindly feels the way.
The skies open up in into a cavernous rage;
It roars at the girl who dares choose a different way...
Her wings feel light, colours fill the sky
Her eyes open wide, staring with fright.
So long ago she remembered theyr was colour
‘Twas before theyr was only the darkness.
Curiosity soon becomes entwined with a mortal life
Her love for a darker world bound her to its life.
After a while her wings turned plain,
Poor little fallen angel, her wings were fading away.
Time went by and she would no longer know,
She could not remember,
She no longer knew.
For a long time she stayed torn
Blinded between love and pain.
She had learnt
What she does seek she most surely will find.
Her wings stretched wide, she dived
Gracefully from the sky
And fell into a human life.
Time passes longer theyr,
Almost like an eternity and a day
‘Til she once again remembered
Theyr had been colours in the sky.

In a Time far gone and in a Land long, long ago our worlde was not known as Earth, but t’was called Atlantis.  This will one day change and be re-named again, tis the Law.  Theyr lived in those days a race of beautiful beings not from this place, they who wore wings upon theyr backs.  Huge, glorious Winged Ones.  These are the Fallen Angels, and yes they were enticed by the beauty of our worlde, so they chose to walk amongst us peacefully.  In those Times, so did other races of beings.  An array of beautiful, wonderful beings and creatures, and the humans became so very jealous and wanted to be the same.  So they did try.
                Captured, and theyr wings were chopped off.  Cut with no remose, these were taken without permission and some even given to the scientific ones in defeat, but triumphant for a far away and distant future.  They were the ultimate martyrs, that is why the Fallen Ones are deemed in the bible lost to God.  Not true, this was writ to make the human mind turn away from the darkest of Truths, theyr past. 
                Beautiful, but now raggled creatures wandered wearily across Atlantis and our worlde for lifetimes lost and unable to return to theyr Home, as they now had no means to do so.  These days you can see and know some of the remnants of the Fallen Angels, the ones whose wings were taken away.  They hurt more than others, theyr backs arch and caves for its missing piece.  For the wings held theyr backs together, without them they are diffused and broken from theyr beauty, power and strength.
                Those that did take away theyr wings, they shall rectify, but nought without hardships and tests.  They do not want to remember Atlantis, but they shall.  Karma always rebalances, and a lot was done in Atlantis days that shall and will be Finished.