Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bella's magickal prose... you and mee, duplicity and new mythica. May Bee }I{...

 So Beautyfull...
So beautyfull, if only I could have you
These wordes I write because I cannot tell you
So much to say, no one to tell
My heart weeps with joy and burns like hell
You, our feelings run ever- so deep
But is it me you wish to keep
I ask my heart which is so
My heart says yes, my head tells no
In my confusion I brought you pain
Because it is you I hear call my name
Around you I should stop and think
Only thing is, around you I cannot think
If I look in your direction
My heart grows with affection
If I look you in the eyes
My legs go weak and a quiver in my thighs
Do you know I have this reaction
Yes, you see I have this reaction
Wonder if this is lust or is it love
Oh, how I thank the gods for theyr gift from above
You are the one that I did wish for
Even though it was not you I asked for
The goddess has touched you and She has seen
Who you Are, what you can Be
Perhaps I understand a lil more than you
Just how much the goddess has indeed noticed you

The Starr-Crossed Lovers...
Do you see my eyes
Dark circles and tears bled dry
Crying inside
Can these hidden tears ever subside
Times gone by, another life
And now another time
I hear you call
My breathing stops, 'tis only my mynd
I hold your voice close to mee
I hold your memories in my hand
Memories, I sometimes cannot stand
I hurt you, you hurt mee
I hurt you back
But still I hold tight
An insane love at night
That seems so real and comes back to haunt mee
Never do I want it to leave mee
Border-line obsession you could concede
Tragic, starr-crossed love
My very own Shakespeare.

Almost Touching...
Listen to my heart speak, it talks of you
My shadow, I feel you near
Your breath reaches the moon
Your touch takes me to the stars
And your kiss burns like the sun
Will you forever be just a dream
An omen of what will be
In a distant place you complete mee
Far, far away hidden in the shadows
You watch from afar, waiting
My hands reach for your outstretched arms
Almost touching
My head fills with your thoughts
My heart fills with your Love
My body fills with with your desire
Almost touching
Destiny's colliding 
You welcome me home.

Come Inside...
I have found a place within myselfe
Where dreams come true, nothing else
Come inside and leave the key
Come inside and be with Mee
Kissed the Wind and made a wish
Making sure it did not miss
To the Starrs it did reach
Around again and back to Mee
Lucky Mee, it All came true
Better than I ever knew
Angels, you heard my plea
Angels, you listened to Mee
Now it is my turn to thank You for
The wish that I asked You for 
What is it You ask in return
Is it nothing or is it the worlde
I know nothing comes for free
I wonder what it is You want from Mee
May Bee someday I don't know when
May Bee you will tell Mee then.

Around the Moon and Back....
Dance around the Moon tonight
Make a wish upon a Starr so Bright
Feel the Wind in your hair
Feel the Power that is theyR
Fly around the Sun today
Life is Better when you fly this Way
Freedom is within reach
Freedom is what You seek
Climb the RainBow to your Heart
Life has had a fresh new start
Peace is what You need
Peace to set You Free
Swim down the River of Life
Wash away the hurt in your Life
Love is what You follow
Love so Life is not so hollow
Reach inside the Rain-filled cloud
Why try to fit in the crowd
Make your Life better today
Make it happen all your Way
I  wish upon a Starr so Bright
To make it All better tonight
I work so hard to make things right
I won't give up without a fight
I danced around the Moon tonight
I flew around the Sun today
I climbed the RainBow to my Heart
I swam down the River of Life
I reached inside a Rain-filled cloud
Maybe my wish will come true tonight
I held up a mirror so I could See
That which had become of mee
I did not like what it showed
My life has had no real flow
I made a wish for my Life to change
My whole worlde felt oh, so strange
I have learnt alot about mee
Some things are hard to see
But now I understand
It was myselfe I could no longer stand
I dance around the Moon
I fly around the Sun
I reach inside a Cloud
And what do I See?
Life can be Wonder full
But only if I let it Bee.

Let me take your hand
While I lead the Way
To something so true
This secret I found
I want to share with you
Let me show you the Path 
That shines so Bright
Let me show you
A different Way of Life
Maybe you will understand 
If I gave you my hand
Will you follow and walk close by
If I showed you the Way
To a Life so Bright
This our True destiny
Will you turn away
When I try to explain
That it is Our choice 
What we find at the End
We can walk Hand in Hand
Down this Path of destiny
Together we can be Free
From this worlde not real
Will you follow me
To this life I have seen before
Or will you turn away
Misunderstood forevermore
To find a different destiny.

Visions in my Heart
All for Mee
Power so Strong
All for Mee
This is my Magick
This is my Power
This is the Witching hour
The Sun my Father
The Moon my Mother
Powerfull  like no other
Moving into infinity
Magick runs deep within Mee
Starrs in my Eyes
Universally wise
Dreams in the night
Goddess of my Life
Calling mee, absorbing Mee
Becoming a part of Mee
Messages so strong
Pulling mee along
Power so fast
Magicks to last
This is Mee
The goddess she Sees
Coming into being
I am no longer fleeing
The Goddess and Mee
Blessed Be.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Midsummer's Eve so very soon..faery revelry, rebirthing the Sun

When the day is long and the night shortest
Summer the solstice of the sun, solar has come the veils disappear
The solar peaks with its zenith, heady desire enflames the sun's strength
Tis the power of the shining King, the Rite of solstice his carnal desire
He is the Sun by the day and light his ultimate power
 Litha, the Solstice of the longest sun, Midsummer passions consummated
Exchanged by the Goddess, bequeathed now to the reign of the darkened King
The goddess now satiated by the dark and light, battle for supremacy over 
Twas the Great Mother, burned by the flames and heat of the sun 
Her resulted pleasure, nourishes and becomes the annual summer death
As the silver wheel turns, so can He be reborn once more
He is now not the sun full and gold, the light of the sun
Tis the stars of the night, the light which makes this King shine so bright
Dark and Night tis the Hunter, He who sees the path clearly with nighted eyes
Tis this light the bright of this King, renewed intensity bestowed from the sun
By thy eyes shining, He is now the  keeper of the night clear and bright
Lighted eyes of the Hunter Wild, Keeper of the Woods who shines the way
By the light of Dark and dark of Light, ruled by the sun and lived by the moon
Drawn to the sun he faces its death, by this light he dies 
Once reborn, the time of the sun King and the great mother are done 
Abundance and Life grow from the exchanging of Kings 
The annual solstice, the suns power and delight 
Will again return and once more the dark and light
Thus always tis the Great Mother who ends this declaration of war and love
Seasons now change, Kings exchange, Solstice power buried and done
Midsummer magick declared, spirits and faeries been and gone
Renewed by the light, another time of season has begun
Oak and Holly, the Sun King arises tis not his time anymore
The wheel will be turned, he now faces his back towards the sun
Listen tis the forest, the sound is a magickal entrapment
Tis not the breeze that whispers the songs of nymphs entrancements
The song that sounds is Pan upon his magickal flute
 Frivolities of pleasures and wonderful things the sweetest tune he plays
 Unawares of the lure of the satyr, hearing Pan and his song
Beware those made from innocence and delight, sweetly to these he will court
Follow you dare behind the Pan, maddened by dance are those lost and found.
Tis now the Drums the heartbeat of the forest, the sound now a foreshadow
A consummation of marriage, tis the king and queens blessing 
Destroyed by the Rite and the greatest ecstasy 
He is now the Hunter, both nourished and destroyed by the Dark and Night
Dead and resurrected, light has fallen and darkness awakes
Within the Dark of the Night, a Hunters senses become more keened
What is unseen by the brightest light of sun, can be seen with nighted eyes
What can not be seen in the dark before the wheel has turned 
Can be seen by the light once the wheel has turned
To once more be unseen, thus it goes around
Two halves are the whole, light and dark are both required
Hunter of the woods, King of the wild and free
 Herne is thy name.. Robbing the Hood is for thee
Cernunnos, Green Man. He is Pan, Dionysus and King of the Wild Hunt
He who is both the Sun and the Night, He who is both Light and Dark
Wars with Love and Loves with War, the destruction and giver of Life
Tis the Midsummer Eve, veils have parted to greet the sun
Tales woven and remembered, the Otherkin remnants of a time once before 
Solar of the solstice, a calendar and date that time has not forgot
When the Tuatha Da Danann rode the sun for three long days
Crossed the sky, over the oceans and found magick in the Land
Creationists and Dreamers, a new home it was these people needed
Diplomacy and knowledge twas with tact they spake 
Growth, new skills and wisdoms they bore as gifts
Almed with prose, the written word theyr weapon of choice
Poetic justice, a valour for love of convictions masters the battle
These very gifts matter naught when the truth is discarded
War for Evolution and the people was soon declared. 
Poetic justice, a war fought for the love of valour 
A yearning is strong when many are taught theyr is indeed more
Twas knowledge more than swords that won the battle that day
Theyr ghosts still tell these ancient battle tales
Til this story is heard and told, a deathly wail breaks the veil door
The shortest night means it tis you they may wish to find
Or, if one is the bravest spirit and faery seeker
Three lines crossed tis the safest spot, a running stream if not
For I am brave.. mythos and mysteries..faeries, dragons and spirits I seek
Riddles told with cold breath of the dead, although do watch out..
A trick can be a quest, a quest a trick.. Tis the Tuatha Da Danann way!
Four treasures kept apart but always together, tis a minor detail and thing if they are... four is more complete and together than just one.
 Virtuous are the teachers and students of Nature, the truth is simple and easy to use: All are but one and the same; thus the Law of the Land is the ultimate caretakers Law. It tis they who build theyr mind like the strongest stone that will survive over the course of nature and time. If one is not virtuous and noble in theyr dealings, nor skilled in knowledge forms a weakly built idea. Still it shall create the form of a castle, but one of sand not with stone.  Stones are forever, nature builds over time with patience and pressure. Tis the noble and virtuous teachers and learners who never Fail, for they  have learnt castles made of and from the sand man are another's dreamed sleepy desires. Tis only the Lie that Fails, everything else remains.  Tides are forever a constant Law of Nature, this never Lies only they who fail and not have knowledge with this treasure.. Tis the dark of humans psyche and not nature's to know how to lie and therefore a way to fail, this is learned, not always taught. Tis the light of human nature and dreams that creates visions of Destiny. We have built within us a drive to succeed which nature does not have; thus nature does not know or have a new vision for creation, visions are uncreated dreams and unmade destinies. If we learn and are taught correctly, destiny is also a changeable vision. Untruths taught without these simple truths and enforced to be followed, creates an imbalance which requires rebalance eventually (nature does not judge but holds the balance) Learnt over time we have discovered nature is a constant, regardless how chaotic.. Tis your destiny set in stone, knowledge and learning tells us now, even a  stone has a song, likely one the ancient Druids knew and sung. Music from a stone, set beneath the true King; a stone cannot sing if it is indeed not the true King. Thus, the stone sings of a destiny, destiny a thing it cannot have so a mournful sorrow weeps and  is heard within the joy for the King.  A word of warn for pretenders or unbelievers, terrible screeching ensues those who Fail, a surety to know a liar.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fragile Heart and a broken Mirror, inside the looking glass. }i{...

Mysteries and wonders never cease
Lack of imagination is a wasted dis-ease
Tis needful for ourselves, plus for all the rest
To learn new things and always try our best
It takes courage to answer a fateful call
Leaps of Faith oft require a soft place to fall
Landing is hard, it hurts when one falls and cannot fly 
Wings are not for everyone, although we do all try
If one has naught wings, style another way to fly if you will
Silence is power, it can be a lesson or a weapon
Twists and rhymes, the fate and decline
A twisted path buried and crumbled within thine mind
Hearts broken, untended and never mended
Lost through time no beauty and love, the forgotten intended
How the heart cries 'twas a thing I could not perceive
How it was my heart that my mind deceived
Twas only a lonely story told to my mind, now nevermore 
A destiny of tragedy that my fated heart hated so
Fearful are those who see and know what shall come
Is not theyr true evermore, but another persons fun
Shattered souls roar ever-so loud, instincts set in
Backed into a corner, understanding no more and too tired to run
Spirit surely mastered the heart, the mind fled and it begun
Tis a wonder how memories fought for, good and true
My insides left but my body still remained 
Bones and blood, flesh and an exposed soul
Only out in the light could the part of me I do love, remain
Inside this darkened heart, buried deep by serious force 
Flashes of thoughts, other people and lives in my mind would stay
No matter who told them to go away, a confession of my heart this is true 
It twas another life of a broken heart, a tragedy
Of one and one and two and two
What this means still I not know, but do you
I hardened my heart and now I do not remember
Why it is so that I know my heart is where I know my home
I have never found my heart here, how love it tis I truly fear
Dare to feel what is embedded and so very strong
I do not know how, but right turned to wrong
A lesson to remember, two wrongs it is said
Never make a right
What I have learnt though, this is not true
If we do not make a wrong 
How can we ever make a Rite be good and true
Two souls who make a wrong
Righten the Rite that was once written wrong
See how lessons form a circle at the end
Life can never go on if one has left a loose end
If one is right, how does one know
By who and what Law makes this code
Tis our very own judgement of ourselves that ruins us in the end
Heaven and Hell the ultimate metaphor
How much light and how much dark
One lets through theyr door
For a knock or a call when heard on the aethers
If ignored, crosses the aethers to be heard in the air
Knocks you to your feet, lessons become crushingly aware
Here is where one needs wings or very agile feet
Beware the seekers unlearned
First learn ye balance, learn to face demise and graceful defeat
Patience for tenure is a passion and not a relief
Theyr are dreamers and then theyr are creators
Differences should be loved and not be ashamed
For tis our heavy heart that carries what our soul blames
The heart wilted can no longer flower and grow
Look for the weeds that show where theyr are the cracks
For a weed is strong, if one grows theyr always life and hope
A seed planted is a still a life, even a weed regardless
Every good gardner knows once cared for flowers can come back
Them who live by the land, know this is right
A guarded mind replanted is a glorious site!
A secret garden is an even more special one indeed
Wiser and older are they who have once made a wrong
Courage with untempered restraint, a brave fool they make
Life with no brave fools is a sad and foolish one 
No new tales or new ideals created for or by you and me
A tragic and mundane worlde, I truly never hope to see
Two heads are definitely better than one to make a right
So yes, two wrongs can make a Rite
Two Rites can indeed make a wrong
Two wrongs and two rights
Duplicity and Healing Rites
A word of advice and one I shall always remember
Strangers are not strange, and aliens are only so til they have a home.
Never alienate another soul because of an uncomfortable difference
Tis these very differences that feed the imagination 
Another persons wonder can be someone else's dream
A dreamer wondering is perhaps a little lost
Wandering in the dream of the strangest land
Another dreamers mind entwined in theyr heart
Awkward and uncomfortable tis an alien landscape
Learning and knowing forges a delightful connection
Tis only another dreamer, the creativity of theyr heart affected
Charming imagination is a charmers magickal glamour.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Land of Untold and Dreams to be told... }i{

I have not drowned only merely succumbed
Diving to the greatest depths again of the ocean calling 
Impossible possibilities wished and worked
Something else, something old but oh, so new 
A sirens call, whispered dreams to be found
Stranger dreams and inspired creations
Inside of me I see and hear all, near and far                 
Currents of chaos and constant motions threaten 
Pulling emotional tidings with a flow 
All the while it twas the earth, not the moon like I thought
The ocean called and twas the Earth I found
Sink or swim, drown or float
Does not matter, the sky holds all afloat
Imaginations and Truths die and are Reborn
Evolution prevails, always yearn for more
Adventure is the Inspiration of Evolution
Re/Evolution is the tree of Life 
The tree of Life too has a name
All needs and has its very own word
All things require a name for it to be heard
Transcendence is its name and Wisdom it fruits
Tis your choice which wood you use
Knowledge grows within and without
An ache grows from the blood
It has a story to tell the bones
Cut to the core through the rings the trunk bears
Stories the tree has lived and told adorned by nature of an older age
Nestled within trees favoured by creatures 
A home and a nest, babies and eggs
Transcendence we call a new way and Life
Evolution requires Transcendence to learn new form
Transcendence from Evolution is required for new form
Apples are knowledge this we know
When sliced in half two stars are revealed
Never fear to find what is hidden within
The apples star were once long ago 
My very favourite treasure
Adventurous and skilful, feisty is my temper and very wilful
My magicks glamour the earth and glitter the sky with oceanic proportions
A lighthouse strong and proud, is never left out in the cold alone
Lonely souls to guide the adventurous travellers and Truth keepers
Once ignite, instead become the brightest of lights
Brightest stars of the endless night
The strongest of torches to light the way
Those who wish to find theyr way through storms or dark night
Sequestered within tucked away deep inside
 Hidden by choice and tucked safely inside
Quietly resides the deepest and darkest side of me
Against the currents wildly I thrash, longer it is before I find the shore
Flow with the currents, drifting happily along I swim home knows the way
Plummeting the depths, riding the sands of time
Nevermore eroded by the hands of time
Adorned with seashells within thine hair
Darts of truth, life and love 
Shoot from her sardonic mouth gracefully
Naught but Love does she Be or need
To tell a truth from a lie, and to never harm another she doth spout
Button-like eyes that do not close from the land, water or sky
With these eyes theyr is only beauty to see
Vivid and bright, painted blue like the ocean
Lighted within by flecks of coral
With delicate ears it tis the ocean, land and sky she hears
Around her waist she has for herselfe tied
The finest red ribbon, with a bright sparkly bow
That can be undone but never shall fray
Flowered vines interwoven amongst the branches,
A fabric of intricity, a crafted wovened delicate web
Envisions of the Creations that are sweetly made
Mystery and Mythos and a new time shall tell
Patterned outlay, means nothing to an untrained eye
Its form, the design of obstacles discovered
Tried and true an avid journey, the seeker and its path
Veins the colour of the oceans darkest blue
Held within by delicate skin
Feet are strong, hands are light
Tis the soul that doth ignite
Ocean and Forest
Sky and Bird
Spoken wordes create magick just like that
Musical keys sung to a whimsical tune and melody
Sweetly played notes give way to the correct tone 
For those who play the pan flute song
If one does find an opening within the misted vale
Come, but only enter the hidden realm with innocence and mirth
Tis not a door you should open with a heavy knock
Tis the faery veil, ever so gently parted can reveal
Treasure hidden and woven safely within
Stronger than anything any human ever wrought
Delicately woven dreams forged by the dreamweaver
Nature has spun with beauty more finer and precious than gold
So sweet is the woeful song that was once a tragedy
Beautyfull memories mark the words and vision 
Created masterpieces symbols of past, present and future
Sung to the song of the tune of the song that played
Drawing out the long hidden words 
Recalling the forgotten dreams never told
Outlaying new dreams hoping to be 
Memories crafted strong enough to stand the tests of the mind
Carved deeply to withstand the length of time
Creation without passion is such a mundane thing
Forevermore is a Life lived with passion, Evermore 
Legacy from dreams and creations
Melancholy Nevermore, raven does call
My tragic romantic heart lives forevermore
Fiery convictions and tellings of the tried and true
Symbolism and inbetween meanings
The language the fae once knew
Freedom is a penchant and a life for the adventure
The internal longing of the Heart always knows
Do not fear if you know not where to go
Dream strongly, wisely and well
Something forgotten over time, is always remembered
Belief is the Key, the door cannot open without
Do not fret nor worry if time forgets
The wise never forget, only become tired over time
Rest and care is what is needed to be remembered
If you have displaced your memory
Two simple things to help you remember
Tis only a nightmare if one does not know
It is only a dream if one does not know how
Everything you shall ever need
Is found within and without nature and you
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all is beautyfull
Beware lovely souls
Eyes are also the place where greed can be shown and found
A creation birthed is a Legacy 
A lil bit of hope and belief is all one needs
Happy are they, well lived and wrought with Love
Thus the Dream remains to stay 
Becomes a Legacy to be loved by the future borne
Creations manifest are the happiest and most loved
Of the Dreams luscious and fulfilled or barren or bare 
The bravest of souls who ever have dared
Are the very ones who believe in the power and magick
Those who dare face the burning and release
Desire tempered with action is a madness
That manifests dreams into wake
Rampant loud ghosts of night
If ever keep you awake
Be only unmade dreams, haunting thee
Haunting thee like silkened caresses
Nothing more, nothing less
Unformed creations make love to unimagined Dreams
Mythos and realities, only with Love can they be conceived.