Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Past-Lives, Healings and a Legend of the Crystal Skull...

We have all perhaps seen, if not heard of the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Skulls.  This movie surely is a fiction entertainment movie, but did you realise the story is interwoven and mingled within facts and legend?   A story within a story, this I learnt when I ‘met’ the Mitchell-Hedges Skull the very one the last installment is roughly based upon and a feat maintained by many a movie; enough truth within a blockbuster bestseller to pique and keep one’s curiositys of what if?  Another example of this is, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

An ancient and possibly otherworldly crystal skull discovered by Anna, the young daughter of an avid adventurer.   A purported remnant of lost Atlantis; a magickal and secretive relic whose very tale is weaved with another twelve skulls, sacred places and sacred peoples, was told to me and a group of others by the momentary caretaker who brought it to my hometown of Hervey Bay, Australia... another special sacred healing centre, rife with its own magickal and ancient hystory, and said to be formed from the touch of the Rainbow Snake as He moved across the land upon which we walk and live.  The very reason I suppose, that it asked to be brought here and welcomed by the local Butchulla tribe, with a secret ceremony conducted.

This is the only discovered ‘speaking skull’ created with a dislocated jawbone, the formation of which causes the effect of the skull talking to you as was told to us.  Nobody has ever said if it actually does talk with its mouth, but the details within the crystal are so life-like and cleverly done one could surely imagine it speaking eerily to you (could you imagine a perfect skull carved from an epic piece of crystal chattering away to you as if it was nothing? Cuh-reepy I would say to Behold!).

I would say though to add my little piece of expertise is that it in fact does speak, telepathically and able to cross oceans to the other side of our worlde, possibly using ley lines and sacred centres as a form of technology to communicate like a telephone but on a grand scale.  And, as a notable and powerful healing crystal which has been concluded by many studies over many years, it is an extremely powerful energy tool capable of healing greater than we possibly have seen before or ever create ourselves.  Its effect is witnessed and affected by photography, hence they have said just a photo of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull will in fact cause enormous changes. 

 My friend who was given a photo has indeed this found out, seeing the most incredible other-worldy pictures showing up within its formations, especially upon its teeth.   Lending me the photo and peering intently to see if I too could find something, I did indeed envision the most incredible images within.  A woman’s face seemed perfectly caught in time like a photograph within the features, a friendly reptilian e.t found near the base of the skull where the neck would join the head and an unnatural light where the mouth is, like it wanted to speak and had the energy built theyr to do so.  Pyramid images, and the Earth on top of his head as if looking from space, but sadly, a menacing, dark cloud over Africa with angry eyes the very place of human origins.  Does this explain the wars and famines always occurring theyr or maybee the fact of that this may be our place of beginnings, but we have spread across our beautiful planet like the same angry, menacing cloud as we over-populate our only Home. So many more pictures I saw in a few minutes, but as my friend says every time you look theyr is more.  I would love for others to try this, it may explain our hystory, show our present and link them both together in a time line to the future.  Anything is possible as this impossible artwork shows.  And, perhaps that is the answer and reason why it was made, to show the impossible was possible in the past... so why not Now?  Leaving for our own selves in this Time another unexplainable wonder on the same scale as the Sphinx and Pyramids at least, for us to solve the reason of the mystery we were left by our ancestors.

                Since I was young I have been obsessed with all things paranormal and conspiracy, naturally the Crystal Skulls and most importantly the one speaking skull intrigued me.  Like me, this one skull was offset from the others, different but yet, almost the same.   I dearly wished to see this and other magickal relics, but finishing school and a much needed archaeological education just was not for me, so never did I think this dream would ever be fulfilled.  But, about two years ago it came to me instead.  Special Plus!

                Sitting through a demonstration, bravely by myselfe (very unusual to do that) refusing to go with another soul so I could listen and enjoy.   With angst in my pants we finally got to wait in a long line with the premises of only being allowed to lay our hands over the energy of the skull and not to touch it.  As it got to me I was so very excited yet a little nervous, and out of either notorious clumsiness or because my hands were now extremely shaking, they did not stay over the energy as I intended but kind of sucked onto the skull instead.  I’d like to call that pre-ordained fate, like it was meant to Be.  Imagine my surprise as the man who is at this time the caretaker after it was given to him to do so, said “Well, let’s see what happens with that then!”

Indeed!  It changed me forever.

                The rest of the evening seemed to have divided me into two, one small part there sitting on the chair like a normal person but perhaps a bit too eyes wide open because I could at the moment hear the crowds thoughts for the evening until I exited the building. It was so very strange.  The other part of me was succumbed within a haze of blood red, rhythmic and deep sounding drums beating in time with a heavy chant and my loudly thumping heart.

Thump... Thump... Thump... Oh, so red and damp smelling of sacrifice.   I knew from then the Mayans who I believed to be only beautiful and spiritual, were also very blood thirsty in theyr day.  In that moment of realisation, it healed so much within me and now I am a far different person and simply put, healed.  Perhaps I was there at the time it was used, for otherwise what would that experience have been for?

That night in a room full of strangers and an occasionally recognisable face, I was transported back to the Maya in what I think may have been a bi-location experience.  The last one was years before when I read my first set of Egyptian cards and I found myselfe in a Temple at the same time as I was sitting at the table.  Around this time I could hear outside my house a noise like a big, empty void and far too quite, opening the door to nothing outside.  Nothing!   Too odd for me to want these situations oft, the occasional two-for-one moments that I find myselfe in.

                I would like to add for my finale with the Crystal Skull and a beginning to pique your interest of myths, legends and facts a mighty combination that I love so.  That night I learnt the movie does leave a wonder of what if?...The thirteen crystal skulls are indeed going home, wherever that may be to be put back together how they are intended, what happens then who knows?   I for sure can’t wait to see and like that dream I once hoped to have seen the skull, I wonder if I have already been told the Fate.



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