Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Midsummer's Eve so very soon..faery revelry, rebirthing the Sun

When the day is long and the night shortest
Summer the solstice of the sun, solar has come the veils disappear
The solar peaks with its zenith, heady desire enflames the sun's strength
Tis the power of the shining King, the Rite of solstice his carnal desire
He is the Sun by the day and light his ultimate power
 Litha, the Solstice of the longest sun, Midsummer passions consummated
Exchanged by the Goddess, bequeathed now to the reign of the darkened King
The goddess now satiated by the dark and light, battle for supremacy over 
Twas the Great Mother, burned by the flames and heat of the sun 
Her resulted pleasure, nourishes and becomes the annual summer death
As the silver wheel turns, so can He be reborn once more
He is now not the sun full and gold, the light of the sun
Tis the stars of the night, the light which makes this King shine so bright
Dark and Night tis the Hunter, He who sees the path clearly with nighted eyes
Tis this light the bright of this King, renewed intensity bestowed from the sun
By thy eyes shining, He is now the  keeper of the night clear and bright
Lighted eyes of the Hunter Wild, Keeper of the Woods who shines the way
By the light of Dark and dark of Light, ruled by the sun and lived by the moon
Drawn to the sun he faces its death, by this light he dies 
Once reborn, the time of the sun King and the great mother are done 
Abundance and Life grow from the exchanging of Kings 
The annual solstice, the suns power and delight 
Will again return and once more the dark and light
Thus always tis the Great Mother who ends this declaration of war and love
Seasons now change, Kings exchange, Solstice power buried and done
Midsummer magick declared, spirits and faeries been and gone
Renewed by the light, another time of season has begun
Oak and Holly, the Sun King arises tis not his time anymore
The wheel will be turned, he now faces his back towards the sun
Listen tis the forest, the sound is a magickal entrapment
Tis not the breeze that whispers the songs of nymphs entrancements
The song that sounds is Pan upon his magickal flute
 Frivolities of pleasures and wonderful things the sweetest tune he plays
 Unawares of the lure of the satyr, hearing Pan and his song
Beware those made from innocence and delight, sweetly to these he will court
Follow you dare behind the Pan, maddened by dance are those lost and found.
Tis now the Drums the heartbeat of the forest, the sound now a foreshadow
A consummation of marriage, tis the king and queens blessing 
Destroyed by the Rite and the greatest ecstasy 
He is now the Hunter, both nourished and destroyed by the Dark and Night
Dead and resurrected, light has fallen and darkness awakes
Within the Dark of the Night, a Hunters senses become more keened
What is unseen by the brightest light of sun, can be seen with nighted eyes
What can not be seen in the dark before the wheel has turned 
Can be seen by the light once the wheel has turned
To once more be unseen, thus it goes around
Two halves are the whole, light and dark are both required
Hunter of the woods, King of the wild and free
 Herne is thy name.. Robbing the Hood is for thee
Cernunnos, Green Man. He is Pan, Dionysus and King of the Wild Hunt
He who is both the Sun and the Night, He who is both Light and Dark
Wars with Love and Loves with War, the destruction and giver of Life
Tis the Midsummer Eve, veils have parted to greet the sun
Tales woven and remembered, the Otherkin remnants of a time once before 
Solar of the solstice, a calendar and date that time has not forgot
When the Tuatha Da Danann rode the sun for three long days
Crossed the sky, over the oceans and found magick in the Land
Creationists and Dreamers, a new home it was these people needed
Diplomacy and knowledge twas with tact they spake 
Growth, new skills and wisdoms they bore as gifts
Almed with prose, the written word theyr weapon of choice
Poetic justice, a valour for love of convictions masters the battle
These very gifts matter naught when the truth is discarded
War for Evolution and the people was soon declared. 
Poetic justice, a war fought for the love of valour 
A yearning is strong when many are taught theyr is indeed more
Twas knowledge more than swords that won the battle that day
Theyr ghosts still tell these ancient battle tales
Til this story is heard and told, a deathly wail breaks the veil door
The shortest night means it tis you they may wish to find
Or, if one is the bravest spirit and faery seeker
Three lines crossed tis the safest spot, a running stream if not
For I am brave.. mythos and mysteries..faeries, dragons and spirits I seek
Riddles told with cold breath of the dead, although do watch out..
A trick can be a quest, a quest a trick.. Tis the Tuatha Da Danann way!
Four treasures kept apart but always together, tis a minor detail and thing if they are... four is more complete and together than just one.
 Virtuous are the teachers and students of Nature, the truth is simple and easy to use: All are but one and the same; thus the Law of the Land is the ultimate caretakers Law. It tis they who build theyr mind like the strongest stone that will survive over the course of nature and time. If one is not virtuous and noble in theyr dealings, nor skilled in knowledge forms a weakly built idea. Still it shall create the form of a castle, but one of sand not with stone.  Stones are forever, nature builds over time with patience and pressure. Tis the noble and virtuous teachers and learners who never Fail, for they  have learnt castles made of and from the sand man are another's dreamed sleepy desires. Tis only the Lie that Fails, everything else remains.  Tides are forever a constant Law of Nature, this never Lies only they who fail and not have knowledge with this treasure.. Tis the dark of humans psyche and not nature's to know how to lie and therefore a way to fail, this is learned, not always taught. Tis the light of human nature and dreams that creates visions of Destiny. We have built within us a drive to succeed which nature does not have; thus nature does not know or have a new vision for creation, visions are uncreated dreams and unmade destinies. If we learn and are taught correctly, destiny is also a changeable vision. Untruths taught without these simple truths and enforced to be followed, creates an imbalance which requires rebalance eventually (nature does not judge but holds the balance) Learnt over time we have discovered nature is a constant, regardless how chaotic.. Tis your destiny set in stone, knowledge and learning tells us now, even a  stone has a song, likely one the ancient Druids knew and sung. Music from a stone, set beneath the true King; a stone cannot sing if it is indeed not the true King. Thus, the stone sings of a destiny, destiny a thing it cannot have so a mournful sorrow weeps and  is heard within the joy for the King.  A word of warn for pretenders or unbelievers, terrible screeching ensues those who Fail, a surety to know a liar.

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