Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Goddess, this be the hystory that makes a piece of mee )O(

Part One:
The Mary Magdalene Connection..
 Maternal Great-Grandfather- Dupin, was once altered from Du Pont.
Paternal Great-Grandfather- Cobber Herod, direct descendant of King Herod.
         My hystory, it has been an ongoing dispute with myself and very much a challenge to piece it together.  And it was, unknowingly, an answer to a call I made for some 'higher guidance'...
            The Holy Grail is You.  You are the Chalice.  My mother has no cervix or female parts inside, caused from cancer, her Chalice is empty but fills with an amazing writing language (google Mary Rodwell, e.t contactee, she has some and some scientific way of interpreting).  I have the ability to interpret emotionally, but find it a hard challenge to muster want to, but as she became unwell I now keep them under magickal Protection and asked my gods for a means of getting them into the worlde where they should be.  Caretaker and she still writes more.  The Bloodline most important she says, we have such a scattered hystory on her side it is so hard to find out much, and all the elders except my nan, (nee Dupin) have passed on.  Her own mother tried to ritually sacrifice my mother when she was a childe, possessed by daemons they say,, but you could say the same thing if you hear my mum speak her language.  Personally, I do believe based on me and my mum and my nan, its e.t Bloodline, and magickal powers is what I add.  Odd, but aliens have always been an accepted fact of life in my family, magick was the evil and taboo, but my nan says i'm fine and meld it perfectly. Cuppas and having a chat take on a much different turn at our house,, than most peoples!
           I believe Mary Magdalene was a priestess, I have not really researched her past and would of thought of the Goddess Isis, but I may be wrong, somehow a priestess of Ma'at seems more appropriate.  Jesus was a magician, his powers are a display of magick that we all can learn but somehow his Bloodline makes it ever more potent.  He is a son of God, hystory and the bible got the Story wrong.
            Even though it is my mother that is the one who feels the connection with Mary and Jesus, as close and real as I have with the Gods and Goddesses, and acts as a Holy Grail, it is my fathers side that has the 'real' evidence not just what you 'know' in your bones and can't deny.  My father is the Grandson of Cobber Herod, direct descendant of king Herod, a proud thing to be she apparantely always said before her passing.  The name Annesley, from a little personal research, is prominent within many worlde changing events and steeped with magick and hystorical records (loves it!!...).  Alice Annesley married into the family of, and bore Paganus Chaworth, a Crusader of King Richard and his seal, used by Annesley's, was mother Mary holding baby Jesus in her lap and a cap with a feather in it keeps standing out as importance to me.. My brother is the one who keeps knowledge of our crest, and is even making a new one for these times and our branch of lineage.  It is my uncle who has the family tree, I am the one who can put it together.  The Annesleys, after the marriage of Alice to George Chaworth, the brothers branched off around the worlde, our line lost our knighthood and we moved to Australia lost and forgotten I suppose, until facebook and we are all getting to know each other again.  Timing is a strange thing.  D.N.A and genetics are truly a force behind our actions, unwittingly and with a lot of love Herod married and turned into Annesley.  Dupin (Du Pont) marries Carty (gypsys, famous dowsers. Once McCarthy of the First Fleet but changed to Carty.)
So, the Dupin's (Du Pont) and Carty (McCarthy) line, ties the Bloodline together with Herod and Annesley, to make me, my brother and sister.  Mary Magdalene/ Holy grail Crusader's/ King Herod blood all mixed together is my strange hystory and what for?
1...                Cobber Herod said it was a very proud thing to be a Herod, and it's not what the bible says.  Have just learned of Ehud Netzer, archaeologist, he spent his life proving them wrong. The whole kill all first born sons karma seems to hit my life, I have four sons and no daughter what I used to call the Herod Curse, but they are genius and well bred.
2...              Mum has always said and believed Mary and Jesus bore childe, the Holy Grail is that childe.
3...               I remember overhearing childehood conversations from both family sides saying that, Jesus (especially Mary magdalene) escaped and left to France (Du Pont connection?).  Cobber also said King Herod was the one who helped them escape, attonement, friendship, alliance.  Years ago that was, she was dead years before Da Vinci Code, Holyblood HolyGrail times.. Mum used to look for her own name in that book Lol..
4...              Annesley Manor housed the Crusaders, King Richard, Robin Hood etc.. Lord Byron wrote The Dream (a guideline for me somehow it works).  Google Annesley Manor, Paganus Chaworth, Felley Priory.  My distant relations now owns it back, and live at Castlewellan forest (theyr sooo fae without really knowing).  Theyr the family closer to the lineage of royalty, my uncle Danny would have been Sir, if not for our side losing its Title (we ALL get bugged bout that,, if only..Lol).
5...               My mother's side is very closed about its hystory, not much is allowed to be talked about, its getting easier to now though. 
6...               Dad's side is fairly easy, Annesley and Herod is much known about if you google. That always amuses me..!
It is a little hard for me to try to put my ancestory together, what I denied for so long and was ashamed of, is kind of cool.  To put my family hystory together is a big task, and a hobby hoping to turn into acceptance of myself and all that comes with.  Perfect timing and Magick is the only way it Works with me...
Bright Blessings of
            Love and Whysdoms,
            Belinda Annesley. )0(

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