Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood. Interwoven together to make an ecclectic source of Magick and Chaos. To walk between the Worldes of the Starrs, the Hidden Realms, the Spirit Worlde and to also Live a human life...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magick through Hystory; Spelles and Charms of the Olde Ones...)O(

 We witches give thanks to the Mighty Ones
for the richness and goodness of life.
As there must be rain with the sun,
to make all things good,
so must we suffer pain with our joy,
to know all things.
Our love is ever with the Gods,
for though we not know their thoughts,
yet we do know their hearts-
That all is for our good.

Blessed be my feet, that take me on my path
Blessed be my knees, that support me before the Divine
Blessed be my abdomen, that gives me inner strength
Blessed be my breast, that holds my heart true to them
Blessed be my lips, that speak the secret names
Blessed be my eyes, that see the beauty of their love
Blessed be my mind, that seeks their knowledge and their wisdom.

The Sea Priestess...
O thou that was before the earth was formed- Ea, Binah, Ge.
O tideless, soundless bitter sea,
I am thy priestess, answer unto me.
O arching sky above and earth beneath,
Giver of life and bringer-in of death,
Persephone, Astarte, Ashtoreth,
I am thy priestess, answer unto me.
O golden Aphrodite, come to me!
Flowers of foam, rise from the bitter sea.
The hour of the full-moon tide draws near,
Hear the invoking words, hear and appear-
Isis unveiled, and Ea, Binah, Ge!
I am thy priestess, answer unto me.

 Drawing Down The Moon...
      Three night's were lacking before the moon's horns met, to make their complete orb. When she was shining at her fullest, and gazed upon the earth, with perfect form, Medea left the palace, dressed in unclasped robes. Her feet were bare, her unbound hair streamed down, over her shoulders, and she wandered, companionless, through midnight's still silence. Men, beasts, and birds were freed in deep sleep. There were no murmurs in the hedgerows: the still leaves were silent, in silent dew-filled, air. Only the flickering stars moved. Stretching her arms to them three times turned herself about, three times sprinkled her head, with water running from the stream, three times let out a wailing cry, then knelt on the hard earth, and prayed.
-ovid. Metamorphoses. Book 7.

 Are's Protection through Life's Battles...
       Ares, exceeding in strength, chariot-rider, golden-helmed, doughty in heart, shield-bearer, saviour of cities, harnessed in bronze, strong of arm, unwearying, mighty with spear, O defence of Olympus, father of Warlike Victory, ally of Themis, stern governer of the rebellious, leader of righteous men, sceptred King of manliness, who whirl your fiery spear among the planets in their seven-fold courses through the aether wherein your blazing steeds ever-bear you above the third firmament of heaven; hear me, helper of men, giver of dauntless youth! Shed down a kindly ray from above upon my life, and strength of war, that I may be able to drive away bitter cowardice from my head and crush down the deceitful impulses of my soul. Restrain also the keen fury of my heart, which provokes me to tread the way of blood-curdling strife. Rather, O blessed one, give you me the boldness to abide within the harmless laws of peace, avoiding strife and hatred and the violent fiends of death. -Homer; VIII

Invocation to the Horned God...
By the flame that burneth bright,
O' Horned One!
We call thy name into the night,
O' Ancient One!
Thee we invoke, by the moon-led sea,
By the standing stone and the twisted tree.
Thee we invoke where gather thine own,
By the nameless shrine forgotten and lone.
Come where the round of the dance is trod,
Horn and hoof of the goat foot god!
By moonlit meadow, on a dusky hill,
When the haunted woods is brushed and still,
Come to the charm of the chanted prayer,
As the moonlight bewitches the mountain air.
Evoke thy powers, that potent bide.
In shining stream and the secret tide.
In fiery flame by starlight pale,
In shadowy host that rides the gale,
And by the fern-brakes fairy-haunted
Of forests wild and woods enchanted.
Come! Come!
To the heartbeats drum!
Come to us who gather below
When the broad white moon is climbing slow.
Through the stars to the heavens height
We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night!
As black tree-branches shake and sigh,
By joy and terror we know thee nigh.
We speak the spell thy powers unlocks,
At Solstice, Sabbat and equinox.

The Cry of Shiva...
From the heart of all matter,
Comes the anguished cry
Wake, wake great Shiva,
Our body grows weary of its law-fixed path,
Give us new form
Sing our destruction,
That we gain new in new life.

 Invocation of Aradia...
Aradia! My Aradia!
Thou art my daughter unto him who was
Most evil of all spirits, who of old
Once reigned in hell when driven away from heaven,
Who by his sister did thy sire become,
But as thy mother did repent her fault,
And wished to mate thee to a spirit who
Should be benevolent,
And not malevolent!
Aradia, Aradia! I implore
Thee by the love which she did bear for thee!
And by the love which I too feel for thee!
I pray thee grant the grace which I require!
And if this grace be granted, may there be
One of three signs distinctly clear to me:
The hiss of a serpent,
The light of a firefly,
The sound of a frog!
But if you do refuse this favour, then
May you in future know no peace or joy,
And be obliged to seek me from afar,
Until you grant me my desire,
In haste, and then thou may'st return again
Unto thy destiny. Therewith, Amen.

Day of the Dead; Samhain Invocation...
Dread Lord of shadows
God of Life,
and Giver of Life-
Yet is the knowledge of thee,
the knowledge of Death.
Open Wide, I pray thee,
the Gates through which all must pass.
Let our dear ones who have gone before
Return this night to make merry with us.
And when our time comes, as it must,
O thou the Comforter,
the Consoler,
the Giver of Peace and Rest,
We will enter thy realms gladly and unafraid;
For we know that when rested and refreshed among our dear ones
We will be reborn again by thy grace,
and the grace of the Great Mother.
Let it be the same place and the same time as our beloved ones,
And may we meet, and know, and remember,
And love them again.
Descend, we pray thee, in thy servant and priest(ess).

Invocation of Raven...
Morgana of the Dark Moon Night
Onyx bird,bold in flight
Raven, come to us now!
Keeper of the sacred well
Where the faerie sprits dwell
Raven, come to us now!
Bean Sidhe by the river bed,
Washing shrouds of the newly dead
Raven, come to us now!
Twin birds of memory and thought
Who brought is the knowledge Odin sought
Raven, come to us now!
Raven with his bag of tricks
Always getting in a fix
Raven, come to us now!
Stalwart guardian of the Land
The sacred bird of the Mighty Bran
Raven, come to us now!
Raven, Oldest of us All
Watch over us and hear our call
Raven, come to us now!

  To Bring Good Fortune...
Luna mia, bella Luna!
Piu di una altra stella;
Tu sei sempre bella!
Portatemi la buona fortuna!
Moon, Moon, Beautiful Moon!
Fairer far than any star;
Moon, O Moon, if it may be
Bring good fortune unto me!

                                                    A Charm of Most Desperate Love...
**to be written with a raven's quill in the blood of the ring finger
of the left hand.**
By the power of Aonghus God of Love,
may thou follow me.
As light to the eye,
As bread to the hungry,
As joy to the heart
May thy presence be with me,
O, one that I love,
Till death come and part us asunder.”

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